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Sean Penn Goes To Egypt



Always helpful in any crisis, actor Sean Penn has set sail for Egypt  to help restore the country’s image as a safe place to be.

From Haaretz.com

U.S. actor Sean Penn joined thousands of Egyptian activists who packed downtown Cairo on Friday demanding that military rulers speed up the transfer of power to civilians and end emergency laws once used by Hosni Mubarak against his opponents.

Penn, holding an Egyptian flag, walked with Egyptian actor Khaled el-Nabawi in Tahrir Square, where Egyptians demonstrated in what they dubbed as “Reclaiming the Revolution” day amid growing discontent over the way military rulers had managed the transitional period.

“The world is inspired by the call for freedom by the courageous revolution of Egypt for its freedom,” Penn said in remarks carried by Al-Ahram newspaper’s online page.   “Clearly that is not a completion overnight, there are still struggles forward, there are constitutional issues, there is… a transition of power from the military to the people,” he added.

Nabawi said he had invited the Oscar-winning Penn to visit Egypt as part of efforts to demonstrate that Egypt was a safe place to visit despite the uprising. “We want to show that Egypt is safe,” Nabawi said.

read the rest at Haaretz.com

I don’t care what Sean Penn says, I’m still not going.



  1. traveler-in-time
    September 30th, 2011 at 21:21 | #1

    Hopefully who goes and stays there for the good (of Egypt).

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