The Morning Spew has just received these touching photo testimonies from several of the so-named One Percenters, and wanted to make sure our Spew readers were the first have access to these heartfelt personal stories. 

We invite all of our readers to submit their own stories and pictures of how they became a part of the so-called One Percent.  We will do our best to post your stories to let the world know the true stories of The One Percenters.  

Please email you submissions to tips@themorningspew.com.   Be sure to include how you would like us to credit your submission.



  1. lynne
    October 7th, 2011 at 16:47 | #1

    So these jokers are millionaires and billionaires? LOL. THESE 1%ers seem to think that you need only to have a job to be in the club. Someone needs to spread a few facts among them.

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  2. Anonymous
    October 7th, 2011 at 17:24 | #2

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  3. Alex
    October 7th, 2011 at 19:33 | #3

    @Anonymous – at least Lynne uses a name and doesn’t hide like you. Is bashing Michael Moore your best defense? No, we don’t slobber over that idiot, he said some stupid things recently. But, these responses are more silly than anything he said, especially the ‘I paid for everything I own’…that statement especially comes from someone with no brain.

    The only reason he could afford to pay for everything is because for generations, people have been sold the lie called the ‘American Dream’, which is buying stuff you can’t afford to make a few people rich. If people only bought stuff they could afford, schools would have maybe a dozen students, there would only be a few hundred cars on the roads, and only a few hundred homes in the whole country. No, people were swindled to pay for things they couldn’t afford at inflated prices and interest rates in order to make a few people insanely wealthy. If it wasn’t for people buying things they couldn’t afford, the ’1%’ wouldn’t even exist.

    The thing is that this ’99%’ really do represent the 99%, whether you like it or not. The 1% are more than happy to drive this country into the ground at the expense of everyone else.

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  4. Danny
    October 7th, 2011 at 19:56 | #4

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  5. PennyThawtz
    October 7th, 2011 at 20:30 | #5

    Oh, puleeze! Nobody is required to post their real name in order to have an opinion. The protesters do not represent 99% of the people. That is a ridiculous and untrue premise.@Alex

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  6. Alex
    October 7th, 2011 at 21:39 | #6

    You people really don’t get it. First of all, why do you assume that anyone who supports Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have a job or is poor? Stupid assumption.

    Next, these people have committed the biggest crimes this country has ever seen, and not only did they get away with it, they were rewarded! Is THAT the American dream? To become filthy rich by breaking every law you can imagine and getting away with it because you’ve paid off the government? THAT is what is being protested against, NOT the people who worked hard all their lives and made something of themselves. These criminals are the ones who need to be brought to justice.

    If these protesters want to punish everyone rich, then no, I don’t support that. But, I certainly support bringing these heinous criminals to justice.

    Why do you people support criminals?

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  7. PennyThawtz
    October 7th, 2011 at 22:18 | #7

    @Alex, if they had a job then they would not be camped out for days on end in NY. Their website is predominately stories of people who feel sorry for themselves because of stupid and irresponsible choices. For example, the woman who does not have a job because she lost her low paying part-time job, no degree, no assets, and a baby she doesn’t know how she is going to feed and then has the stupidity to think that someone is going to lend her money to start a business? Sorry, Pal, but Wall Street has nothing to do with her being stupid – she owns that all herself.

    Why do you protesters think that you represent 99% of Americans? You don’t, not even close.

    I find this part of your opinion puzzling – You say that corporations are corrupt because they pay off the government, yet you are not marching in Washington, D.C. You choose to attack the corporations and capitalism. It is amazing that despite all these accusations that corporations have bought off government, there has been little blame cast towards Washington. That fact makes me believe that you are politically motivated.

    To me the bigger culprits are the ones that have sworn to uphold the law. The people who have been elected have a legal, moral and ethical duty to do right by the citizens. So I ask you, Alex, why do you support these criminals?

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  8. Alex
    October 7th, 2011 at 23:10 | #8

    Not everyone there is jobless, because not everyone who has marched stays there full time. There have been plenty of ‘part-timers’ who have come and gone. And, I did actually say that not everyone who ‘supports’ them is poor and jobless. You don’t have to be there to support them.

    And, you obviously don’t know me if you think my statement is politically motivated! I have no love for politics, and think BOTH sides are so corrupt. They are both bought off. Democrats and Republicans only differ on the surface, once you dig a little deeper, you see they are paid off by the same people.

    But, the reason for not marching on Washington is simple. Attacking DC is going after a symptom, not the cause. The cause of the problems comes from all the money pouring into Washington. They are going after the right people. The money from Wall Street controls the government.

    The other problem is that I really hate the terms ‘the 99%’ and ‘the 1%’. Because those numbers are not even correct. The problems are actually caused by the .1%, or even the .01%. It’s a small amount of people. They took down the economy on purpose out of the ultimate, uncontrolled greed. It has been well documented in articles like ‘The People vs. Goldman Sachs’ and many other sources.

    The 1% are not to blame. That is one place I differ from these people. After all, there is no magic number that you cross and you are ‘suddenly rich’. It doesn’t work that way. Anyone who says that all the rich are to blame are just as small minded as anyone who thinks the likes of Bernanke, Fuld, Paulson, Geithner, etc., are innocent. It goes back many, many years, across political lines.

    These people need to be held accountable for their crimes. And, yes, it includes people in government, but cutting off the money supply from Wall Street would go a LONG way towards starting to fix the problems. Only then can you deal with government, because as long as that money is coming in, they aren’t going to listen.

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  9. donna
    October 8th, 2011 at 06:08 | #9

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  10. Alex
    October 8th, 2011 at 11:17 | #10

    @donna – Why are you bringing the democrats into this? I already said this has nothing to do with party lines. Both parties are guilty.

    Just because I support the protesters, everyone assumes I’m part of the 99%? Another silly assumption. From what I hear, you all sound like you think you are royalty, and you are scared the peasants are going to take your castles away. What are you, 5 years old? Don’t you get it? When everything collapses, do you think the 1% are ‘safe’? Not hardly! The top .01% are the only ones who are safe. The 1% are going down, too, that’s what you don’t realize. It’s going to turn into the 99.99%.

    PROVE to me that these top banking elite aren’t criminals. You can’t, because they are. PROVE to me that both parties aren’t controlled by the banking elite. You can’t, because they are. They are destroying this country, and I hate to break it to you, but the 1% are NOT ‘safe’, either.

    Your statements go to show that it is YOU who doesn’t deserve any rights.

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