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Will She Be Picking Her Nose For An Encore?


Good grief.  What is it with people?  Is there nothing private and personal anymore?  How is the intimate act of giving birth performance art?  Why would anyone do this?   I mean it’s not like she’s a Kardashian or anything. 

The really sad part is that according to the article, the “artist” plans to create more performance art from raising her new baby in a project titled, “Raising Baby X.”  Poor baby.



From The New York Post


This may be one of the most amazing debuts the art world has ever seen.

A pregnant Brooklyn performance artist is planing to have her baby in an art  gallery in front of an audience as part of a piece examining childbirth.

Called “The Birth of Baby X,” the performance will feature artist Marni Kotak  turning Bushwick’s Microscope Gallery into her “birthing room” where she will  spend each day until the baby comes.

“I hope that people will see that human life itself is the most profound work  of art, and that therefore giving birth, the greatest expression of life, is the  highest form of art,” she said.

“I have decided to do this because I want to show people that, as in my  previous performances, real life is the best performance art,” she said.

Kotak said that she is mentally prepared to give birth with the art world  looking on.

“I wouldn’t say that I am scared to do this, because I have a good support  team: my midwife, doula and wonderful husband,” she said. “Of course, I am a bit  nervous about the whole process of giving birth and having a child, and like  every mother, I am hoping that everything goes smoothly.

“But I am no more worried than I would be if I were having the baby at home  or in a hospital.”

This isn’t the first shocking performance from Kotak, whose résumé includes “staged re-enactments of her own birth, attending her grandfather’s funeral and  losing her virginity in a blue Plymouth,” according to the gallery.


Read the rest at The New York Post


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