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Occupy Wall Street Violence Begins


A violent skirmish broke out today in New York City as marching Occupy Wall Street Protesters ignored police orders to prevent them from storming the New York Stock Exchange.

I think most of us knew that this Occupy Wall Street business would not end in a peaceful manner because the violence is a necessary part of the show.  You know the old saying:  It’s funny until someone get hurts, then it’s a campaign tool.

Of course, the fools getting hurt are not the fools who organized this mess.  It’s kinda like the jihadi folks.  It’s never the leaders who call for the violence who get hurt; it’s always the fools who heed their call.



From  CBS News

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Just a few hours after protesters learned they’d be able to stay in Zuccotti Park indefinitely, violence has broken out as a group marched away from it.

A group of protesters were headed south on Broadway toward the New York Stock Exchange. The group swelled quickly and wound up in a confrontation with police as they tried to gain access to Wall Street. A standoff occurred.

Police motorcycles were shaped like a V and moved toward the protesters in the stand off. One man lost his balance, and was run over by a police motorcycle. Police descended on the protester and got him out from under the bike, but violence broke out.

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