The Hidden Messages In The Wall Street Website of Tears Testimonies

Sometimes it can be fun to read between the lines of a story and figure out the real message.  What follows are the testimonies that some Occupy Wall Street folks have posted on the Wall Street Website of Tears, We Are The 99%.  The captions are purely Spew Crew created and our interptretation of what is to be gleaned from each tale of woe.

Quite honestly, with the exception of the folks with health problems, I am sick of hearing these people whine because they made stupid decisions or don’t want to start at the bottom and work their way up.  What do you think when you read these stories?  Any hidden messages that pop out at you?  Put ’em in the comments!  We want to know what you are thinking.


Hidden Message: Never wait for them to call. They never do. Just get on with your bidness.


Hidden Message: Canadian government health care sucks. Repeal Obamacare.


Hidden Message: Choose your major wisely or you may not get a job. Also, save your beer and manicure money for grad school.


Hidden Message: Sneaking away in the middle of the night is no way to go through life.


Hidden Message: Never ask a question unless you want to know the answer.


Hidden Message: Elite Universities = BMW (Big Money Waste).


Hidden Message: Buy a house you can afford.


Hidden Message: Eat something. You'll feel better.


Hidden Message: Having a lot of money is good.


Hidden Message: Alas, Hope and Change ain't all that it was cracked up to be.

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4 Responses to The Hidden Messages In The Wall Street Website of Tears Testimonies

  1. Suzy Brown says:

    1) dont depend in a jay oh bee for money. Your job is getting money, not waiting for someone to offer it to you.

    2) fibro is a made up disease. You need exercise, massage, & some CBT which no regular MD can give. Go outside!!

    3) see 1). You have other options you know. Take the $ you’d spend on grad school & buy a dry cleaners, for example. Learn some real life management & go ‘global’ when you have some life experience under your belt.

    4) don’t have kids young, and DONT RUN AWAY FROM YOUR PROBLEMS!

    5) see 1), 3) & 4)

    6) go overseas, Asia will pay English teachers big $

    7) simple, don’t have kids. Fostering is a noble thing.

    8) why should I feel sorry for you? You’re doing this to yourself. Google CBT

    9) guilty for being successful much? Snap out of it.

    All I have time for. I live on a schedule because I know I alone control my day to day actions, successes & failures

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  2. Freelancer says:

    I have no degree. I’ve never spent a single day in a college classroom. After my time enlisted in the military, I’ve gotten jobs designing training materials for a government contractor, as a technical instructor for a global semiconductor equipment manufacturer, and have become a senior business operations manager handling North American and Asia/Pacific regions, responsible for operations in excess of $400 Million/year. People with senior business degrees work with and for me.

    You have no excuses that are not your own problem. Expecting anybody else to be responsible for you is abdicating any right you have to determine your own future. If you think you can’t get somewhere without a nanny, you are right. Except that you are wrong.

    Grow up.

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