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Ben & Jerry’s Contest Results To Be Announced THIS MORNING

Okay, so The Morning Spew boasts the most clever readers on the Worldwide Web (duh).  This is totally awesome—except when you have to judge a contest.  People, this was not easy.  We had so many great suggestions for flavors that picking a winner drove Fester to drink many filthy non-union capitalist beers.

Because y’all gave us so many great entries, we felt obligated to highlight not only the winner, but also a few runners-up. Fester would be all guilt-tripped-out if we didn’t give some exceptional ideas their due.

To keep a little suspense in the air, we’re going to make four separate announcements, spread throughout the morning, culminating with the winning entry.  Each of these announcements will feature a photo of how we think the carton would look for the suggested flavor.  When we reveal the winner, we’ll also reveal the winning prize.

Y’all have no idea how much we enjoyed this.  If you have any ideas for future contests, drop us a line at tips@themorningspew.com.


Let the drum-rolling begin!

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