Occupy Durham Protesters Forced to Take Down Tents and Get Park Electricity Turned Off


What exactly does that mean, Cletus?


I find this hilarious.  The protesters were told they needed a permit for camping out, but they did not get one.  They also got busted for unauthorized use of city electricity which I assume was to charge their phones, computers and various other electronic gadgets.   

Who the heck did they think was going to pay for them to use the city’s electricity?  The people of Durham?  This what is wrong with these jerks.  They think someone else should do the work  so they can do what they wish.

From the News and Observer

DURHAM — A delegation from the Occupy Durham protest arrived at City Hall while the City Council was meeting Monday night. Mayor Bill Bell adjourned without giving them a hearing, but City Manager Tom Bonfield and City Attorney Patrick Baker stayed behind to meet with the group for about 20 minutes.

The protesters wanted to know what city ordinance prohibited them from pitching tents at CCB Plaza, where the demonstration began on Sunday. They said they had been informed about 4 p.m. today that the city sanitation department would remove the tents if they were not taken down by 5 p.m.

By 5 p.m. the tents were gone, but demonstrator Mary Grace said police, when asked, had not cited an ordinance.

At City Hall, Baker said the city code does not specifically ban tents at CCB Plaza, but it is standing policy of the city parks department that erecting shelters there – “camping” – is not allowed without a permit.

City Councilman Mike Woodard, who stayed to watch the exchange, said afterwards that he had told protest organizers more than a week ago that they needed to apply for the permit in advance, but they had not done so.

Baker and Bonfield said the demonstrators were welcome to remain at CCB Plaza as long as they like, but not to raise tents or other structures.

They also refused to turn on the Plaza’s electricity, which was cut off after demonstrators used it Sunday without authorization, despite a request from City Council candidate Victoria Peterson.

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  1. Carrot Tops says:

    I’d like to be in the bank when Barney Fife explains to Cletus that his two bits were loaned to Floyd to purchase that second barber chair.

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