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Can this presidential candidate be trusted?


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…and this well educated and seasoned politician will tell you whatever he wants as long as  it gets him votes.  As many of the other GOP contenders have stated,  I also believe that Mr. Romney is a flip-flopper whose only desire is to be elected President of the United States.  Should he win the election, in my opinion, he will take the country further down the same socialistic path that the current Obumma administration has taken our great nation. America can not let this happen a second time.

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As several leading Republican presidential candidates embrace a flat tax as a core campaign position, one contender stands out in not doing so: Mitt Romney, who has a long record of criticizing such plans and famously derided Steve Forbes’s 1996 proposal as a “tax cut for fat cats.”

Lately, though, his tone has been more positive. “I love a flat tax,” he said in August.


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  1. Anonymous
    October 27th, 2011 at 13:32 | #1

    Please stop this Liberal/conservative ignorance. There are more important issues at hand. Go back to 2008 and look at how the unregulated markets did business. You want your tax dollars to have anything to do with these markets? Let the markets do their business outside of government. They sold useless products around the world and laughed to the bank! Most activities were not against the law. Fix the country then go back to your politics. Fact #1 is Corporations are buying politicians, promising core value issues, and sneaking in laws that have torn this economic system apart for over 30 years. Both parties are guilty. Smear propaganda that the rest of the world cannot figure out how Americans fall for. Wake up and do your homework away from politics. Dig up the proper info and realize the system is naturally off. There is not an easy fast fix but we cannot go on this way. Liberal/Conservative hatred is not the answer. If you sit in a room with your opposite you will find most Americans have the same core values. We fight over issues, that’s good, but if you think those who have their money in politics are out for anything other than Global Domination you have been duped. That has been a corporate slogan for years. I have seen the speech in many a corporate meeting. It just has gotten out of hand. All Americans are at risk here. Our jobs are overseas, gone in the damaged housing market, ect. Do you really think everything you buy can be from China and there will be a job for your grand-children. Do you really think the top $ companies will bring jobs back home if we just give them a tax cut? Look beyond your paradigm. I beg of you stop the politics and do your research from the sources not blogs. We the people must become a viable country again. All of us!

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  2. PennyThawtz
    October 27th, 2011 at 13:34 | #2

    So, anonymous, you support the tea party, then?

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  3. SupraMan
    October 27th, 2011 at 17:12 | #3

    @Anonymous The point was about trust, not opposing principles between Liberal and Conservative politics.

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  4. Mega-D
    October 27th, 2011 at 21:17 | #4

    anonymous … lots and lots of complaints and platitudes, zero ideas. sounds like an occupier to me. color me not fooled

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  5. Molon Labe
    October 27th, 2011 at 23:35 | #5


    Is posting this all over conservative nblogs. He’s just a paid Soros clown paid to monitor blogs that post the onvious about RINOs and progressives.

    What a clown.

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