Free Speech Is Not an OWS Value

The Washington Examiner is running a story that further shows why the Occupy Wall Street crowd isn’t about freedom and bottom-up governance, but mob-enforced command and control.  Fester is shocked, shocked that a bunch of commies would falsely claim that they represent the common man as a means to score broad appeal!

According to the story, the OWS folks have demanded or implemented limitations on free speech and participation:

  • One OWS guideline says:  “Don’t assume gender.  When possible, go with gender-neutral pronouns.”
  • When discussing a “de-escalation committee,” occupiers “requested that the committee be diverse and specifically discouraged too much participation by white heterosexual males.”
  • During the discussion on the de-escalation committee, one man commented that “We are all God’s children.” Another occupier rebuked him, saying “Don’t mention God.  It makes me feel like I have to hide my agnostic beliefs.”

Seriously?  They want to get all up in your choice of pronouns?  Good luck with that, dipsticks.  And white, male heterosexuals — or anyone who’s admittedly religious — need not freaking apply.  How can they honestly claim they’re the 99% if they exclude the majority of the population?

Anyway, read the rest here.  Also, see our previous story about Occupy Atlanta, where the OWS folks shut out a Congressman from speaking to them and shouted down those dissenters who thought he should have his turn at the mic.

Not surprisingly, the Examiner also recounts an OWS “committee report,” which said that “protesters are reluctant to ‘help out’ with leadership, and often try to personally benefit from services others provide.”  And there you have it.  These people started out as freeloaders, and the stifling speech codes haven’t exactly motivated them.  What does that sound like to you?  Hint:  Starts with “c” and ends with “ommunism.”


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