One Of The Ten Percent Speaks Out


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  1. Selaniest says:

    Praise God!

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  2. SupraMan says:

    Such a beautiful child.

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  3. pollyanna says:

    This is great! Sad thing is that there are so many other babies besides those with Down Syndrome who are aborted because they aren’t born perfect (as our society defines it). I have had two babies born with life threatening defects. The first we did not know about before he was born and he lived for 5 1/2 amazing weeks. The second was diagnosed at about 18 weeks gestation. I remember clearly that the doctor said “There is a chance this baby will not survive to birth…and I am assuming termination is not an option?” I like how he used the word “termination” rather than “abortion”, as if to “soften” the “choice”. That baby is two and a half now and, while he still has health issues, he has saved us from our grief after losing his big brother. It frightens me how easily the “choice” is given to parents who are facing an uncertain future with their child. If they just took that leap, they would see what joy a child with special needs can bring!

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