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Occupy Raleigh Asks Government For Special Favors

Wait a minute!  I thought the whole idea of this occupy nonsense was to make sure that no one received special treatment from the government.  These idiots have already cost the tax payers $51,000 and now want them to provide free electricity and a permanent home, too.  If I were a citizen of North Carolina, I would be greatly vexed.

OWS a monopoly on ugly.


From the Raleigh News & Observer

Occupy Raleigh camp comes with a cost


RALEIGH –        Demonstrators from Occupy Raleigh came to City Hall on  Tuesday hoping for a more hospitable reception than they’re getting from the  state.

But granting the protesters’ request for a permanent site that will allow  them to encamp and demonstrate without fear of arrest could increase the city’s  financial burden for the protest that began Oct. 15. It could also complicate  future requests from other groups.

The Occupy Raleigh group wants a base camp at the Avery Upchurch Park at  Dawson and East Morgan streets, beside a city parking deck. Demonstrations would  continue at the state Capitol where police have arrested protesters on charges  of trespassing and resisting arrests.

So far the city has spent more than $51,000 paying police to monitor the  protest around-the-clock.

The Upchurch Park site would be a place to eat, sleep and use a portable  toilet, Joseph Huberman, a spokesman for Occupy Raleigh, told City Council  members. Demonstrators also would like permission to use an outdoor electrical  outlet to charge their laptops and cellphones, he said.

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