Would You Hire Her?

And I am not talking about the “mood disorder,” either.



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5 Responses to Would You Hire Her?

  1. pollyanna says:

    These are my observations:

    1) She has had a mood disorder her entire life, but can’t get disability because she hasn’t been diagnosed long enough?
    2) If their debt is because of student loans, why isn’t she going after the university who overcharged for her husband’s education?
    3) Is she naked?

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  2. Fester Boyle says:

    4) Is it 2:10 p.m., or a.m.?
    5) Is this a Halloween get-up, or is that how she always looks?
    6) Did she write this sign in her own blood?
    7) Please define “essential federal employee.”

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  3. Max says:

    8) Is being a happy family of four and being part of the 99% mutually exclusive?

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  4. Traveler-n-time says:

    to continue:

    9) Did his parents come across with any money?
    10) What are her parents being asked for?
    11) Do the two beautiful children look like her?

    to be continued by others…. maybe?

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  5. Scott B says:

    12) As another federal employee, and one who is designated “essential”, I can assure you that if he has actually been classified as “emergency essential*”, they are not hurting for money unless they are living beyond their means. Very, VERY few “EE” personnel are less than GS-11 or 12.

    13) And, if he hasn’t been formally designated as “essential”…. he’s not.

    14) How do prospective employers find out about her “mood disorder”?

    *Personnel designated as such are exactly that. When the government shuts down, personnel designated as such are still required to report to work. When everyone else is evacuating, EE personnel go to work. When everything goes to hell, EE personnel are expected to go to work, just like always. Designation usually reserved for First Responders (Fire, Health, Law) and command personnel.

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