Los Angeles Officials Having A Change of Their Occupied Hearts


Occupy Los Angeles – non-violent fellow with anarchy sign (photo – Ringo’s Pictures)


Occupy Los Angeles Organizer – “It is a nonviolent movement

Huh?  A nonviolent movement?  This typifies how the left works.  Even if you see it with your own eyes, they will insist that it did not happen.  This is why so often it seems as if they are out of touch with the reality of a situation.  They must deny the truth because it interferes with their desired end result. 

The rapes, sexual assaults, thefts, drugs,  fights, vandalism,  riots, violence against police, coercion, deliberate alienation of homeless people, unauthorized feet sniffing,  threats, arson, etc., are minimized or outright denied by the left.   To them, the end justifies the means. 

I guess the Los Angeles authorities need to actually go inside occupy Los Angeles to see the scale of violence and instability that is inherent in these protests.  It should be fun to see the liberals scurry like rats as they attempt to renege their public support of these violent freaks.

But in any case, public support of these occupy protests will come back to bite these politicians and officials in the butt.

From the Los Angeles Times

Police were called to two violent incidents at Occupy Los Angeles on Friday, adding to questions about the protest and its future.

In the morning, a woman was arrested at the encampment outside City Hall after she set another person’s clothes on fire, police said. In another incident hours later, a woman was arrested after protesters said she struck a man with a tent pole. Both were booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Also Friday, police arrested a man on suspicion of climbing a tree and dumping fluorescent paint on a historic marble fountain that the city barricaded earlier this week to protect from vandalism.

The incidents are distressing, city officials say, because up until now protesters at Occupy Los Angeles have been mostly peaceful.

“We have not seen violent incidents like this,” Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Andrew Smith said. “But two felonies from the south lawn in one day? This has raised concerns for us.”

Last week, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said the encampment “cannot continue indefinitely,” citing health and safety concerns. He has instructed city officials to begin drafting a plan to identify another location for the demonstration. But it’s not clear when the plan will be announced or whether the protesters will agree to move.

Villaraigosa spokesman Peter Sanders said Friday that the city is working with protesters to assure the safety of those camping on the City Hall lawn. “But,” he said, “we recognize that a number of the individuals who are on the lawn are not affiliated with the Occupy L.A. protest.”

The encampment’s location in the heart of downtown has attracted more than just people protesting economic policies that they say have created an unfair distribution of wealth. A sizable number of homeless people have joined the camp — some who identify themselves as protesters and some who don’t — along with a range of other curiosity-seekers.

read more at the Los Angeles Times

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