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Fake Doctor Charged With Giving Women Cement Bottoms Sealed With Super Glue & Fix-a-Flat

 Aside from the obvious idiocy of letting someone pump up your bottom with various construction and automotive fluids, who in their right mind would let someone with a butt like hers anywhere near theirs?


Oneal Ron Morris, hips don't lie.


From International Business Times

A Miami woman posing as a fake doctor was arrested for administering “butt injections” without a medical license in a series of illegal, and potentially lethal, cosmetic surgeries.

Oneal Ron Morris, a 30-year-old transgender woman from Miami Gardens, was arrested on Friday after an ongoing investigation by police and the Florida Department of Health.

According to the police report, one victim in May 2010 underwent a procedure with Morris, who injected cement, tire sealant “Fix a Flat,” mineral oil and super glue into the buttocks of her patient, sealing the incision with super glue.

From photos obtained from the Miami Gardens Police Department, it appears Morris underwent the cosmetic surgery herself.

At least one victim, who has not been named and was reportedly hospitalized, underwent the illegal cosmetic surgery and police believe there are more.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the investigation went on for a year as police searched for so-called “doctors” part of an underground network. The group of unlicensed people market “pumping parties” and give the injections illegally at home.

Butt injections for $700

According to the victim, she first met with Morris, whom she was introduced to by a “friend of a friend,” to talk over the procedure, agreeing to spend $700 for injections in May 2010.

The victim told Miami Gardens Detective Michael Dillon  that she met Morris at her home, where she laid on her stomach on a table as Morris inserted a rubber tube into her buttocks.

“It hurt to the point that she was screaming,” Dillon told the Palm Beach Post. Morris “kept reassuring her that it was almost over.”

The victim stopped Morris before the injections were complete and the incision was sealed with Super Glue.

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