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Kennedy Family Donates Hyannis Port Compound Home To Memorialize Ted Kennedy And His Greatness

  Oh, barf!  Honestly, will these people ever go away?   Why didn’t they just sell the house and give the millions of dollars  of profit to the poor?   Or use the proceeds to  fund some amphibious vehicle research?  No, it’s always … Continue reading

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A River (Of Urine) Runs Through It

    Yes, chalk another one up for the greens and their silly ideas.  This latest green fiasco involves the “waterless urinal,” a disgusting thought if there was one.  The basic idea is that a disposable odor absorbing cartridge is placed inside a … Continue reading

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Poll: Two-Time Dem Loser Best Hope For NC Gubernatorial Race?

Embattled North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue has recently announced her decision not to pursue a second term as governor.  The latest statewide polling data indicate that Erskine Bowles,  is looked upon as “by far the strongest Democratic candidate” to run against Republican Pat … Continue reading

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The Romney Machine

  Face it, Mitt Romney comes across as a nice, honest, good-looking, down-to-earth guy.  The kind of guy you might appreciate as  a neighbor or enjoy a round of golf with.  Surely, he would not lob falsehoods  at his political opponent, but … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Recipe – Mojave Desert Chili Cook-Off Winner

  Make this Chili recipe at your own Super Bowl party  and you will be declared a winner. Combine it with the 2011 Indio Festival Tamale winning recipe (here) and you will score a TOUCHDOWN and more!!!!! Check out the  below recipe “Haught … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday – Joe Biden Fawkes

All he needs is just a bit of Sharpie.  Here, let me get that for you, Joe. 

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German Guy Discusses Party Pooper

Really, this is so stupid and childish, but …….. lol! < More Funny Videos >

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Usually, when I see a “mouse,” I think “trap,” but this video is really cute.  A little, bitty dormouse sleeps in a zookeeper’s hand. Don’t worry, he’s okay! He’s just sleeping. Dormice hibernate in the winter in nests that they make hidden away on … Continue reading

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The Senator Rand Paul TSA Video

What’s even more disturbing than Senator Rand Paul getting the same intrusive treatment that we average citizens have had to endure for years, is that fact that not one, not two, but three “authorities” are standing around,  presumably on taxpayer dime,  doing what … Continue reading

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The Way Things Should Be

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