ABC News Airs Pro-life Video, But………..

…………..I am not sure that they even realize it.  How can you broadcast this story and also believe that abortion is acceptable?

So what happens next? Technology will continue to improve and allow even smaller and younger fetuses/babies to survive.  Then what?  How will the pro-aborts continue to justify their self-righteous love of abortion as a woman’s “right” to choose?

Look at this cutie pie, born weighing 9.5 ounces, at just 24 weeks gestation! 

From ABC News.

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4 Responses to ABC News Airs Pro-life Video, But………..

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  3. 9.5 ounces? Amazing! My maternal grandfather weighed only two pounds when he was born prematurely. He was placed in a shoebox full of rags and placed by the fireplace to keep him warm – in 1897. He lived to age 89, dying in 1986.

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  4. Virgil McIntyre says:

    My oldest sister was very small when born as well, and was placed in a box and kept warm with the box on the oven door I am told. She was a precious sister who lived a long productive life. Thank God we had her for 60 some years before cancer took her.

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