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A River (Of Urine) Runs Through It



Yes, chalk another one up for the greens and their silly ideas.  This latest green fiasco involves the “waterless urinal,” a disgusting thought if there was one.  The basic idea is that a disposable odor absorbing cartridge is placed inside a waterless urinal.  The cartridge is intended to absorb the urine odor, thereby replacing the need to use water to flush the urinal after each use. 

The only problem is that this Florida school’s sanitary pipes were made of copper and because there was no water used to flush the wee-wee out of the pipes, it remained in the pipes and created a strong, corrosive gas.  The gas corroded the pipes, leading to a river of  disgusting urine and odor that flowed from the walls into the school’s hallways.  GROSS!

I wonder how sanitary these urinals actually are.  If there is no water to flush the urine from the urinals, does the urine from the previous user remain on the walls and floor of the urinal?  If that were the case, would there not be “splash back” risk for subsequent users?

From The Daily Mail

Students step over ‘rivers of urine’ after green bathrooms plan for waterless urinals turns a high school yellow… and it will cost $500,000 to fix

Students at a high school in Boca Raton, Florida, must step over rivers of urine and endure the stench of rancid waste after a plan to bring ‘green’ waterless urinals into bathrooms backfired.

School officials at Spanish River High School thought they had found an environmentally-friendly, cost-saving solution for their bathrooms when they installed Falcon Waterfree urinals in their boys bathrooms.

But with no water moving through the school’s copper pipes to flush the urine into the sewer system, the waste produced noxious gases that ate through the metal, leaving leaky pipes that allowed urine to drip into walls and flow onto floors.

‘It was pretty disgusting,’ school board chairman Frank Barbieri told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

‘The girls had to step over a river of urine. I could smell it as soon as I walked into the hallway.’

Now, the school district, which was hoping to save $100 a year in water costs for each waterless urinal, must pay $500,000 to repair the damage and replace the appliances with the traditional flush variety in four high schools.

Neither the school, nor Falcon Waterfree Technologies, the Los Angeles-based maker of the urinals, thought to check the pipes before installing the new urinals.

Instead of water, the company’s urinals use disposables cartridges that trap urine odors. They use no water and the company claims the only maintained needed is regular cleaning and changing the cartridges four times a year.

read the rest at The Daily Mail

  1. pollyanna
    January 31st, 2012 at 14:29 | #1

    My husband was just telling me about the awesomeness that is a waterless urinal. Oh wait. No, he told me how disgusting they are and that they scare him.

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  2. PennyThawtz
    January 31st, 2012 at 15:23 | #2

    Polly, your husband sounds like a very smart man! @pollyanna

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