Three Month Old Fetus, Baby Bao, Listed As Homicide Victim In Los Angeles

Our country has a huge morality problem when the law allows a woman to kill a three-month old fetus for any reason, and yet, at the same time refers to the death of a three-month old fetus as a homicide victim.  This Los Angeles homicide report of the death of a three-month old fetus, who died as the result of a domestic violence incident that took the life of her mother, took me be surprise.  I was surprised, not because I don’t believe that a fetus is a human life, I do, but rather because this is a legal confirmation of the “right to life” for the unborn baby.

The Morning Spew recently featured a video from Fox’s Judge Napolitano concerning Fetal Rights and the flaws of Roe v. Wade.  In the video, Judge Napolitano makes a compelling legal case for equal protection under the U.S. Constitution for the unborn baby.  I recommend you  watch that video (it can be found here). 

With younger and younger fetuses surviving premature birth, the emergence of prenatal surgeries and treatments, and with more Americans identifying themselves as Pro-Life, sooner or later, the issue of Fetal Rights will have to be resolved.  The current  dichotomy can not and should not be sustained.

For a little tutorial on fetal development, be sure to watch the video I’ve posted at the end.  It is amazing.


From the Los Angeles Times

Baby Bao, fetus

Died Feb. 5, 2012

Baby Bao, a fetus, died Sunday, Feb. 5, in the 1000 block of South Ynez Avenue in Monterey Park, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records.

Monterey Park police and fire officials responded to a report of a death about 7 a.m. When they arrived, they found the body of Chenyan Bao, a 39-year-old Asian woman, in the home she shared with her husband and child.

At the time of the incident, Bao was about 3 months pregnant. The fetus has been identified as Baby Bao, said Ed Winter, spokesman for the coroner’s office.

Police reported Chenyan Bao died from injuries sustained in an incident of domestic violence, said L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Aura Lidman. According to coroner’s records, she was smothered and died from asphyxia.

Her husband, Hongxin Liu, was arrested in connection with her death.

read more at the Los Angeles Times


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  2. ** says:

    You “*” obviously have not interest in the discussion here, what you THINK you know is that you THINK that all of us who believe in Pro-Life are blatantly anti-woman or anti-choice or however you would like to phrase it. What you don’t realize is that what the man in this case did was abhorrant, but why is it that the woman here could sue the man or that the man can be charged with homicide but the woman can choose to kill the unborn baby ‘just because.’ Just because they want to, just because it will ‘ruin my life’ just because it wasn’t part of my plan. Get over yourself, and realize that just because we would like to make the unborn an actual life, like it already is doesn’t mean we are a bunch of Neanderthal esque people who just ‘don’t get it’

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  3. PennyThawtz says:

    oops! I accidently thumbed you down. I think it was the “*”! Sorry. You make a great argument and I agree with your sentiments.

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