China Providing Curriculum For American Classrooms

I don’t know which is worse here, the fact that school authorities allowed people whom they could not identify into the school and  allowed them access to the children OR the fact that the Chinese communist government is paying for and providing curriculum for American children in our public schools.  I might add that the program is compulsory for all students at this particular school. 
I have no problem with children learning the history, language and culture of China.  I do have a problem with the fact that the Chinese government is one of the world’s major human rights violators, and as such, I am quite confident that these young students are not getting the truth about much of  China’s history.
I have included a short BBC video which explores the program, and interviews its proponents and opponents.  I am surprised at the less than stellar defense of this program by the school district board President, Jay Chen.  What do you think?
by Ben Baeder

HACIENDA HEIGHTS – A high-ranking Chinese education official toured Cedarlane Academy on Thursday to check out the school’s Confucius Classroom, a controversial program that provides curriculum paid for by the Chinese government, but no one at the school knew who he was.The official, who arrived more than an hour after expected, saw a performance from the kindergarten-through-eighth-grade school’s cheerleading squad. The Wilson High School band, which was bused into the school, also put on a short show, playing several pop hits for the official and a few other Chinese government figures who tagged along.

The official then took a short tour of the school’s Confucius Classroom.

Hacienda-La Puente Unified’s Superintendent Barbara Nakaoka didn’t know the name or office of the official, but she assumed the person served in a high-ranking position.

“I assume it would be the equivalent of (U.S. Secretary of Education) Arne Duncan here in the U.S.,” she said.

Cedarlane Assistant Principal Rudy Torres said the students in the Confucius Classroom did a short language demonstration for the official.

He also did not know the name or office of the official.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Money tempts anyone. Americans who are inexperienced with China issues need, very swiftly, to talk to those who are. These Confucius Classrooms have one purpose: to work the Chinese government’s agendas, however subtly and mildly, into the American system.

    Just look at the inaugurations of these “Confucius Classrooms” – I literally couldn’t tell, watching some of the footage, whether it was something shot in Beijing or America, due to the large, red, Communist Party-style banners.

    School districts are extremely vulnerable because most desperately need money. This really must be stopped; people just don’t realize what’s happening here.

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