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Hillary At The Spa

I didn’t know she was in Denmark. hat tip – Tom via Twitter

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“I’m Schmacked” – Celebrating Campus Life

It seems there is a whole video series dedicated to highlighting  the “party scene” at various colleges throughout the country, called  “I’m Schmacked.”  I warn you the language and music lyrics are foul and disgusting.  The behavior of the students … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Website of Tears Continues to Impress

All new stories from our ongoing  Wall Street Website of Tears feature.  All stories and pictures are from “We Are the 99 Percent” blog.  If you know of a shoulder who’s looking to hire, this OWSer would make a great chip:   I’m a … Continue reading

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SuperGreens – Learn what they can do for your health!!!

  According to the article’s author,  Matthew Kadey,  “SuperGreens” are gaining a greater acceptance by more and more people.   Supergreens are being enthusiastically hailed as a wonderful way to help supplement one’s intake of green vegetables.  Medical Doctors,  Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists all … Continue reading

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A Soldier’s Deck of Cards

Thank a soldier, today. A video from Justin Flom.

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Presidential Profanity on a Tee-Shirt

Like Barry said, campaigning in a civil and thoughtful way.  This shirt could probably get your kid suspended from school.  But then again, maybe not. hat tip: ctmommy via twitter (ya gotta follow that girl!) From    PAID FOR … Continue reading

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Obama’s Got More Personas Than A Barbie On A World Tour

 Can’t stop laughing.  All  items available from The Obama Poster Project. Really. Barraques Cousteau or Captain of the U.S.S. Gator?   “A” is for Aardvark     This Obamanaut is my personal favorite. “Hey, let me out of here!”  Go to The Obama Poster Project … Continue reading

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Berkeley of the South Cuts All Ties To Rush Limbaugh.

  What a bunch of hypocrites.   I bet there are thousands of non-Limbaugh induced references to sluts and prostitutes all over that campus that not one of  these campus liberals protests.  Which just makes my point, that this is not about … Continue reading

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How Stupid Are Liberals?

Apparently, this stupid: From  What’s your definition of “Hope?” hat tip – Iowahawk

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When Daddy Really Is Captain America

This is adorable.  A military dad comes home from Afghanistan and surprises his little boys.  Beautiful.

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