The OWSers Are Making A Movie!

Of course, we all knew it was only a matter of time before the OWSers made a full-length movie to further enlighten the world about the unfairness of expecting able-bodied citizens to be responsible for supporting themselves and figuring out how to pay for  their own success.  Real life OWSers telling their stories of the horrors of having to actually work hard and pay for things.  Yes, the OWSers are making a movie, and we all can expect it to win several Academy Awards because I just know that it will!

The only thing that I can think of that would really make this OWSer movie spectacular is a long, drawn out, legal battle over who gets the profits.  Wouldn’t that be grand?  And before you predict that there will be no profits, think again.  It is likely that every public school in the country will buy the movie  to be used as a Democrat indoctrination tool on the students under the guise of “social justice.”  There will be corporate advertisers hoping to protect themselves from the wrath of the OWSers, and there will money coming from the mega wealthy lefties hoping to deflect the label of “The One Percent.”  Hollywood liberals will support it, too, because as One Percenters, they must protect themselves from the wrath of the 99% mob.

Here’s a screenshot of the casting call for OWSers as it was posted on their site, which The Morning Spew has previously dubbed, The Wall Street Website of Tears.  (You can some read our earlier Wall Street Website of Tears posts here).

Here’s the casting call:

From “We are the 99%


I wonder if Ms. Bobbi Jo Hart will include the violence and incitement to violence perpetuated and endorsed by the 99 %? Like this and this and this?


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