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Berkeley of the South Cuts All Ties To Rush Limbaugh.

UNC Students Shut Down 2009 Tom Tancredo Speech because they didn't like what they thought he was going to say.


What a bunch of hypocrites.   I bet there are thousands of non-Limbaugh induced references to sluts and prostitutes all over that campus that not one of  these campus liberals protests.  Which just makes my point, that this is not about the use of derogatory names for women, it’s really about shutting down diversity of opinion (read: conservative),  just like they did with Tom Tancredo and others who did not prescribe to their liberal ideas. 

Oh, yeah, and wasn’t there some sort of cheating scandal in athletics or something?  That’s what I thought. Hypocrites.

From the Raleigh News & Observer

UNC-Chapel Hill has asked WRDU 106.1, a Triangle radio station also known as “Rush Radio,” to stop referencing the school or the Tar Heel Sports Network during the broadcast of Rush Limbaugh’s daily talk show on the station.

The new practice, announced in a statement from the university, also prohibits mentioning Limbaugh’s show during the broadcast of UNC football and basketball games on Rush Radio.

WRDU agreed to the changes.


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