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By: Fallon Wed, 28 Mar 2012 14:02:36 +0000 Where do these twenty-somethings (and teenagers) get off thinking life should be a breeze for them?

We struggled until our mid-FORTIES while raising a family, paying our bills and doing without. We started to get ahead of things, paying off our loans and beginning to save for our retirement, just in time to be demonized by the OWSers and Obama administration for being “the rich” after helping our children through college and parents through retirement, setting ourselves back by not taking from others. Grrr…

And the poli sci/art student might want to pursue a path of study that actually leads to a job after graduation. (I know of what I speak as a degreed Fine Arts major with minor in Poli Sci who was lucky enough to fall into advertising/marketing.)

The comic seems a bit Flukey. “Does anybody want me on this planet?” If you have insurance as an out-of-college, unemployed young person, somebody is obviously taking care of you (I’m guessing your parents). It’s not up to “anybody” out there to want you, or to take care of you. You’re in charge of your life. It’s not the end, it’s a set-back. Learn to fight for yourself.

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