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OWSer Outrage in the Land Of Walker

Oh, this is delicious….

From Citizen Journalist

Occupy upset with recall loss, clash with police, take it out on CNN

Occupy and other members of the far left are not taking the loss well in Wisconsin.

Members of Occupy and/or the  SDS, AFSCME, AFT, Progressive Democrats of America, Welfare Warriors, Voces de la Frontera, Liberty Tree Foundation and the Party for Socialism and Liberation met in Pere Marquette park in downtown Milwaukee. The massive protest, which numbered about 50 people, gave speeches and had a “solidarity sing”.

Some tired to be positive, insisting they hadn’t actually lost anything. Others, not so much.  Via the MacIver Institute,watch for CNN to take the hit for all their angst:



Read more at Citizen Journalist

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  1. Freelancer
    June 7th, 2012 at 11:29 | #1

    Shadenfreude, so rich. The new talking point is about how the Governor outspent his opponents 10:1. They are forgetting to count all of the money the unions spent over more than a year prepping for this epic fail.

    But they didn’t lose, because … because … because they didn’t, and that’s that.

    What they will never understand is that they really didn’t lose, because liberty has been upheld, tyranny opposed; and when that happens, everybody wins, even if they disagree.

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