Obamanation by Jon McNaughton

This oughta tick off a few people, and wake up a whole bunch more!

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  2. James Freeman says:

    Jon McNaughton has the ability to make miracles. I would have never believed that anyone could put so many truths into one canvas, and with so much reality.

    Now, ….. I pray that people will wake to the truth of the ‘Patriot Act’, the
    National Defence Act’ and what they mean to bringing into fruiation a total Police State and a loss of all rights not to be a slave to a tyrantical Imperial ruler of this country.

    This is why people must take the time to investigate if Mitt Romney is for or against the Patriot Act and if he is for or against the National Defence Autorization Act and would he mandate that every peron has to by Govenment controlled heath care insurance.Look past the slick hair and devious smile to discover the real soul of a person that has so many of Obamas’ plans to control and destroy this nation.

    I hope and pray that Jon McNaughton doesn’t have to put Mitt Romeys’ face into this painting next time!

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