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Dems Remove Massive Amounts Of Sand From Red State Myrtle Beach


Huh? I am perplexed.  It’s being reported that Democrats have removed over 15 tons of sand from Myrtle Beach, SC in order to erect a giant Barack Obama sand sculpture at the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, NC.  Why am I perplexed and not merely amused?  Because in 1998, the Army Corp of Engineers spent $60 million of public money to put sand back into the beach!

From the Myrtle Beach Visitor’s Bureau:

Myrtle Beach area beaches are wider than ever, the result of a two-year renourishment project completed in 1998. It pumped almost five million cubic yards of new sand onto the shores. This $60 million enhancement plan was conducted by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers with federal, state and local funding in cooperation with Myrtle Beach area municipalities and a national dredging company.


If I was a taxpayer in Myrtle Beach, I would want to know how 15 tons of South Carolina sand ended up at the DNC Convention in Charlotte, NC, and exactly where it came from.  It’s also puzzling that Democrats, who consider themselves bastions of environmental policy, would actually think that utilizing sand for this purpose was a good idea, especially when beaches remain a fragile habitat for many types of endangered wildlife.

On a related note, please sing along.


Loggerhead turtle nest


Awww! An Obama voter.

 hat tip: Citizen Journalist