Bedbugs For Obama?


The question that begs to be asked is: Did they bring them or merely encounter them?

From The Washington Times

Bedbugs an increasing concern at DNC hotels

Charlotte seeing an uptick in pest reports

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — You think incumbent politicians are hard to get rid of? Try  bedbugs.

The blood-sucking insects have made a resurgence in recent years, including  reports of them at nine of the hotels being used for Democrats’ nominating  convention this week in Charlotte.

Some convention-goers were fearful in the run-up to the convention, and state  officials and exterminators said bedbug reports have been on the uptick in and  around the Queen City.

But county health officials say they have taken precautions to make sure the  pests aren’t waiting in hotel rooms to go home with guests as unwanted  souvenirs.

“We did inspect all of the hotels and we do respond to complaints,” said Stephen Graham, an environmental supervisor  for the Mecklenburg  County Health Department. “We’re required to inspect them once a year, and  we inspected them all after the start of the new fiscal year [July 1].”

The rise in the pest’s activity has led to the advent of websites such as and, where hotel-goers can report their bad  experiences in hopes of warning other travelers.

A search of brings up more than 30 Charlotte-area hotels  where visitors have reported bedbugs, including nine hotels that will host at  least 10 of the state delegations attending this week’s convention.

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2 Responses to Bedbugs For Obama?

  1. AZfederalist says:

    Once again our vaunted EPA has brought back an old scourge, long suppressed by banning the pesticides that actually kill bedbugs, forcing pest control companies to use less effective pesticides that only temporarily suppress the buggers.

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  2. Justsomebody says:

    One shot of Clorodane would have done it. Too bad it’s banned. My friend
    at the pest control company says 90% of what they use is totally ineffective.

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