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Or, as put more succinctly by Marx and Engel: from each according to his ability; to each according to his need. The most brilliant part of this satire is that the privileged left doesn’t even realize they are saying it.

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By: WhineyLiberal Tue, 11 Sep 2012 03:06:38 +0000

Interesting. I seriously hope you’re being facetious. Seriously!!

So, when 1/2 the people (I’ll call them Liberals for this demonstration) completely STOP working because they know the other 1/2 (I’ll call them Conservatives for this demonstration) will work FOR them, what happens when the Conservatives finally give up, QUIT work, and tell the Liberals to earn their own damn money?

I’ll tell you what happens, America is in the same dump it’s in now with Obama leading us down the drain. Liberals will bitch, complain, gripe, and moan all the way to the Welfare Office that Conservatives “aren’t paying their fair share”. Well no Sh!t Sherlock! We’re sick and tired of your bitchy little whiny asses.


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