Drudgetaposition With Obama’s New Flag

Spew readers, as you know, The Drudge Report engages in something called “Drudgetaposition,” where they cleverly arrange images to send subtle messages to its readers.   Today is one of those days and it’s a doozy.  The first image  is a screen-cap from today’s edition with the stories in question circled.  The first story  is illustrated with a picture of the bloody handprints at the Libyan embassy where four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were murdered.  To the right of that story is an image of  a new Obama flag for sale called “Our Stripes.”  

The second image  is a less-subtle juxtaposition of the two images in question, which our dear Fester Boyle has so kindly arranged which shows a striking comparison of the two images.  “Our Stripes” indeed. 







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  1. @LeviathanLeap says:

    It was a stroke of brilliance to associate those images, and we’ll see how long this desecration of our flag is allowed to stand.

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