New Video Puts Biden On The Funny Farm

This new video from MonkeyCMonkeyDo  starts out funny and you’ll probably laugh in the beginning, but I warn you, it ends up not so funny.  


BIDEN: “They’re Coming To Take Me Away” from MonkeyCMonkeyDo on Vimeo.


hat tip via Twitter: Saint Obama of Assisi

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3 Responses to New Video Puts Biden On The Funny Farm

  1. Saint_Obama says:

    Yes, I just couldn’t get over the fact that here was our so called VP laughing hysterically while discussing things like Benghazi Murders, Iran with the Bomb, etc. He seemed so incredibly detached and freakishly unconcerned while faking his aggressive “passion” He honestly looked like he was having a mental breakdown to me.

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  2. clb2012now says:

    I wanted a Vice President who would take serious the circumstances of America and the world. Evidently, dead Americans are funny, hurting Americans are funny, wanting to repair our social security or medicare is funny. What does Biden take seriously? The laughing Biden was just as bad as the silent Obama.

    Biden wants to tax the millionaires and billionaires. I call that a success tax. Our tax system is already progressive. His boss wants to tax those who make above $200K. Yet Biden objected to a progressive system for Medicare. That Medicare premium support being proposed would be need based. Meaning those who make less get more premium support than those who make more. Right now, all get Medicare at the same cost no matter what their income. Hmmmm, something is odd here.

    I want a President that can stand up for himself, his record, his policies and AMERICA. Obama did not. I was not surprised by Obama during the debate but many were. So to those that were, which President is going to show up for work tomorrow? Obama does not attend meeting with his job council, doesn’t have department meeting, hadn’t been having his security briefings.

    What I did NOT hear in the debate was what Obama is going to do with his next term and his “flexibility” He already goes around Congress so that is no deterrent. He refused to help other Democrats with their elections so that is no deterrent. What is he going to do? What plans? How does he expect to accomplish them?

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