Drudgtaposition – The Chicago Trifecta of Politics

As you know, The Drudge Report engages in something called “Drudgetaposition,” where they cleverly arrange images to send subtle messages to its readers. Here’s a link to a previous Drudgetaposition that garnered quite a bit of attention.  I noticed something funny about today’s Drudge Report. 

More Drudgtaposition?  I think so.  This one is rather timely.   Note the pictures of Chicago cronies and the respective captions:  Obama, Jackson and Emanuel.  It’s like the Trifecta of  rotten Chicago style politics.  A subtle pre-election message to America? 

From this morning’s front page:


We have Barry:

We have Jesse, Jr.:

and last, but not least, we have Rahm:


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2 Responses to Drudgtaposition – The Chicago Trifecta of Politics

  1. Hermannewtic says:

    Sheesh you’re reaching! Surprised you didn’t find Vote for Romney messages by picking out every fourth letter and rearranging it! How about reading the articles into a recorder and then playing it backwards? Certain there must be sinister messages meant for conservatives!

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  2. Larry Sinclair says:

    If you watch the video of Obama taking a call at a campaign location.. he still had to use the pre-written notes just to talk to the person on the other end. So sad the guy can’t even talk.

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