Moving Forward After The Election

Almost everyone has offered an opinion as to why the Romney campaign failed to win Tuesday’s election.  After reading many of those opinions, here’s my take.  I see  four major areas that need  improvement.   

1.  Demographics.  Not enough outreach to minorities and young people.  Not by design, mind you, but by assuming that the GOP message is reaching all people.  It’s not.  So we need to do better.  America’s population is changing.  Asian and Hispanics families often have strong conservative beliefs.  Welcome them, their families and their businesses.  Offer local scholarships and awards in student contests which reinforce Conservative values.  Make sure they feel welcome at events and gatherings. Let the Democrats have the young women who think Libya is something between their legs and birth control pills are an entitlement.  Those people don’t want us, and we really don’t need them.

2.  Tactics.  The Left fights hard and they often fight dirty.  Republicans think erroneously that by taking the “high road,” by not taking the muck right back to the liberal source, they somehow look better.   And they may for a few minutes or so, but often times, it’s the muck and lies people remember.  You can fight tough and mean, without being a thug.  We can fend off unfair attacks and lies aggressively.   We can take back our language.  Liberals use words as conversion tools; think of fetus, rainbow, justice, choice – all perfectly good and previously non-political words that have been hijacked by the Left and given  new meaning.  What they have done with our language is brilliant, but it’s time we took our words back.

3.  Media Bias.   So this one puzzles me.  Yes, there is media bias and it has been around for years.   Andrew Breitbart, God bless him, made huge strides in this area, I know.  So has Fox News, but I want to know why are we still wringing our hands over this one?   Really, how many times must we listen to Bernie Goldberg (whom I really do like)  tell us over and over again that the media is biased.  We know!  Now, what are we going to do about it?  Why aren’t Conservatives as a whole tackling this one?  No fair and balanced newspapers?  Create a national one.  Conservatives certainly have the talent for such an endeavor.  Plus, almost half of all Americans voted for Mitt Romney (much of the other half probably doesn’t even read a newspaper), and many of us would love to have a newspaper which reports fairly and accurately.  Call out the Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddows of the world.  Call out their advertisers – hey, Conservatives buy crap, too.  When outrageous reporting and events take place, get outraged.  Organize.  Communicate. Boycott. Oh, yeah and Coordinate.  Almost sounds like that union thing, doesn’t it?

4.  Now this one may  be misunderstood by some, but I can’t help that.  I am as Pro-life as they come, and I believe elective abortion is a horrible thing and hurts the mothers, as well as destroying the unborn.  In my opinion overturning Roe v. Wade would be ideal, but I do not think that is going to happen anytime soon, if at all.   So what to do?  I believe we keep Pro-Life in the platform, but not get cornered into discussing rare what-if scenarios.  Those what-if scenarios are the tool the left uses to destroy decent, well-meaning Conservative candidates, especially Conservative male candidates.  Positive Pro-life action and Pro-life education are what will change the hearts of people, not lecturing on pregnancy by rape scenarios, or rare instances of medically necessary abortions, especially when one has no medical training.  I think changing the hearts of people is more doable and easier than getting rid of Roe v. Wade, at least for now.

So, after the initial shock and disappointment of Tuesday’s outcome, I am ready to get to work and hope you are, too.  Forward! heh.

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