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Young Hero Helps Save Abducted Five-Year Old Girl

It’s always wonderful to read a great story about young men who do the right thing.  

Temar Boggs

Hero: Temar Boggs


From lancasteronline :

Temar Boggs had a feeling he’d find the 5-year-old girl who was abducted Thursday in Lancaster  Township.

He was right.

Boggs, a McCaskey freshman who lives  in Gable Park Woods, had been hanging out with a friend at nearby Lancaster Arms  apartments and helping move a couch when a man came by asking if they’d seen a  missing girl.

They hadn’t, Boggs said, so they went to watch TV.

A  short time later, his friend went outside and saw lots of police officers and  people from the neighborhood looking for the girl.

Police said that the  girl had been taken that afternoon from the 100 block of Jennings  Drive.

Boggs and about six friends joined the search.

“We got all  of our friends to go look for her. We made our own little search party,” Boggs,  15, said Saturday, though he didn’t know the girl or her family.

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Watch the video:

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