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Another College Campus Under Investigation For Political Campaigning Violations


Here’s another interesting story regarding political bias and posturing in a public college classroom.  Not only were these students permitted to leave class early, they were also given transportation to the polling place.  The story’s especially compelling in light of the latest Michigan State University Professor who had an anti-Republican tirade in the classroom and is now reportedly relieved of his duties there

While this is currently a local story pertaining to a local election, I believe it has national implications, and is an indictment of the rampant left-wing political bias so pervasive on our college campuses. 

From the Winston-Salem Journal

Chancellor Donald Reaves of Winston-Salem State University announced Wednesday the appointment of a committee to investigate an incident in which a candidate campaigned for a seat on the Winston-Salem City Council during a political science class.

Derwin Montgomery, a Democrat seeking a second term on the city council representing the East Ward, made a campaign talk to students in an American government class last week at WSSU, and then arranged transportation to the elections office in downtown Winston-Salem for the students in the class who wanted to vote. Those students left class early.

Montgomery and Larry Little, the professor teaching the class, acknowledge that the incident took place. Little said he invited Montgomery to speak at the candidate’s request, but denied breaking university system rules that limit political activity on campuses of the University of North Carolina system, of which WSSU is a part.


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