Dear President Obama

An American citizen, attorney and the son of legal immigrants speaks:
Dear President Obama,

Thanks for cementing your legacy as one of the most lawless and divisive presidents this county has ever had. Your comments and actions have been nothing less than that of a spoiled and petulant little child. Tonight, you have betrayed your oath to uphold the United States Constitution. You say that you were a Constitution professor and know the Constitution. Well, I beg to differ. None of your actions tonight pays any reference to the system our Founders put in place. You have said in the past that you are not an emperor. Yet, your latest actions tonight would have made Hugo Chavez proud and is the antithesis of what the country was founded upon.

You have consistently dismissed the Legislative branch of this Republic. You bark orders to a co-equal branch of this Government like they are your servants. You derided the actions you have taken tonight when you served in that co-equal branch. It is quite telling that whenever you cannot use your power of persuasion to gain support for any policy, you immediately transform into a dismissive spoiled brat who would rather take the ball and go home than lose. See, my disgust is not because I dislike your views and believe them to be harmful. To the contrary, it is because the manner in which you have abused the office and Constitution. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush surely did not care for the other party in Congress. Yet, they did work with Congress. However, you refuse to work with Republicans in any fashion. You were not humbled by overwhelming rejection by the voters in the November 4, 2014 election as other presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, have been in the past. Rather than understanding the voters’ clear rejection of your policies (you said your policies were on the ballot), you summarily dismissed the outcome and vowed to do what you wanted. Such a position is nothing but arrogance.

I would advise Congress that they have to fight this unlawful and unconstitutional abuse of power. They are a co-equal branch. If they do not, Congress will forever be deemed irrelevant to any successor president, whether it be Democrat or Republican. You see, what is to stop the next president from using executive action to rescind what you have done tonight? I am afraid that rather than defending what is their exclusive power vested under Article I of the Constitution, party loyalty will trump the sworn duties and oaths of members of Congress. Just because members may agree with a President on immigration or any other issue should not and can not supplant Congress’ constitutional role. There is a reason that the government of this young nation is stable while governments in much older nations around the world are in a constant state of volatility. When one allows the Executive Branch to run essentially unchecked, our republic will no longer function and we will cease to become the nation that thousands of individuals seeking freedom risk their lives to come to.

As someone who reveres this Country’s founding, and the brilliance of the Constitution, I am dismayed that you, a Harvard trained lawyer, would dismiss it so and deem it of little importance so as to get what you wanted. You stated you wanted to fundamentally transform this nation. I knew what you meant. You used the historic nature of your election to your advantage knowing that opponents will be reluctant to challenge you for fear of being labeled a racist.

Those who know me can attest that whoever was in the White House, he was my President, agree or disagree. For he was the President of the United States, the greatest country this earth has ever seen. Unfortunately, your continuing evisceration of the Constitution has made me think of the unthinkable – I am ashamed of your presidency. I wish this was not true.

I can only hope that you will experience an epiphany and revere what has made this country great and prosperous – the Constitution of the United States.

Yours truly,




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    Well said. Impeach him

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