Obamacare Architect Calls American People Stupid While Lauding Lack Of Obamacare Transparency

And this is why Democrats are on a downward slide. We’re not all quite as stupid as Democrats think we are.  Disgusting.

hat tip:  @Taggertgirl and @phillyrich1 via Twitter. Give them a follow.

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Veterans Day 2014

America lives on.  Beautiful.


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Hagan Denies Obama Before the Cock Crows Three Times

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“Lie” – The Obamacare Song

Marco Paul Cruz (@Bluesnoozeblue on Twitter) was kind enough to make this video & tweet it to me. I think it’s perfect, don’t you?  With talent like this, you should give him a follow!

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Senator Hagan: The Artful Press Dodger

After declining to speak with the press after last night’s rough debate in Wilmington, North Carolina, Senator Hagan climbs aboard a Big Ass SUV and hightails it out of there.


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This Ain’t Working


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Hagan Hightails It Out Of Debate Forum

For some reason Senator Kay Hagan did not speak to reporters after tonight’s NC Senate Debate between Republican challenger Thom Tillis and the Independent candidate, aka The Pizza Delivery Guy.  Reports were that Hagan left rather hurriedly.


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How Ebola Jokes On Airplanes Turn Out

It’s reported  that a passenger aboard a US Airways flight coughed and thought it would be a good time to joke that he was from Africa. Here’s what happened:

Be sure to watch until the end for the money quote: “I ain’t from Africa, sheeeet.” LOL.

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Hawk Attacks Drone – Hawk Wins!

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University of Oregon Low Info Voters Attack Man As He Drives His Car

It starts out with a bunch of dumbass college kids throwing snowballs at a car trying to pass through, but soon it becomes impossible for the driver to pass as they pelt the car with snow & block his car.  After the driver gets out of the car, you can see the situation begins to escalate to the point that a few voices in the crowd are heard attempting to stop any further harassment of the driver. 

The University should do everything they can to identify and punish the students involved.  What a bunch of punks.

from The Oregon Daily Emerald

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