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OWSer Calls For Burning People Alive

January 4th, 2012 3 comments

Previously, The Morning Spew featured entries from an Occupy website we like to call The Wall Street Website of Tears (you can read those posts here, here and here).  The  site mostly features lots of whiny sob stories and pictures from OWSers who  blame the so-called “one percent” for their problems. 

Here’s a more recent entry that I found pretty unbelievable.  It appears that this well nourished Greek fellow calls for violence and claims he wants to burn the 1%,  “alive if possible,” because he doesn’t have time to convince them of the error of their ways.   The text and photo were posted on the “We are the 99 Percent” website on December 22, 2011 and remains to this day. 

Even more disturbing is how many of the evil OWSers have indicated that they “like” this beast and his story on the site’s comments section here

And to think that OWSers complained over a little well deserved pepper spray! Disgusting, isn’t it? 


i am from you might know my country is occupied by the IMF,the EU and others„i am the 1% that belives firmly that without violent resistance against the puppet police our occupiers have set up to stop our protests,nothing will be accomplished….peacefull demonstrations will not work…i am neither an anarchist or a trouble maker..but ive come to realize that i cant take care of my wife and child the way things are being shaped now..i would rather go out fighting ,rather than trying “peacefullly” to convince the polliticall elite and the bankers that what they are doing is wrong„they will never ever understand…they are blind to the problems they i cant waste my time trying to convince them…burn banks ,burn goverment buildings,burn them alive if hardly sorry if my point of view is so negative to most„but ive been through hell and back with this so called economic crisis…i could not even begin to describe what me and my family is going through…and i see no end in we need to put an end to it„as soon as possible


Here is a screen shot of some of the OWSer comments in response to the violent Greek man’s post.



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