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The Original George Washington Chicken McNugget

February 23rd, 2012 No comments

The Two Georges Face Off!


From The Daily Mail

This McDonald’s chicken nugget is up for auction on eBay after an eagle-eyed diner spotted it has a famous political doppelganger – the first American President George Washington.

Rebekah Speights was about to throw the chicken McNugget away after a meal at the fast food chain with her children in Sioux, Dakota, when she noticed its uncanny resemblance to the founding father of the American constitution.

And after spending the last three years hiding away in her freezer, Ms Speights has decided to auction the McNugget to try and raise funds for her local church.

Incredibly, the McNugget already has one bid for $100 since it went up for auction on the website on Monday.

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Obama’s Used Gas Guzzler Fails To Get Any Bids

February 2nd, 2012 No comments

This is reported to be the car that Senator Obama leased before he became President.   According to Motor Trend it gets about 17 city/25 highway . Hmmmmmmm, does that make it a gas guzzler?   It’s a good thing Senator Obama got rid of the gas guzzler and got  a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid BEFORE he ran for President.

Anyway, it had been placed on auction by its current owner with an opening bid of $1,000,000 and got no bids.  What’s wrong with people? 

I have a great idea that I think would get it sold pronto and get the million bucks, too!  Put the car back on auction for a million bucks, BUT promise that Obama gets to go with it, too.  He can drive it right out of Washington and not look back.  That should make everybody happy.


From The Chicago Tribune

By Rob Manker

What’s the value of a car used by Barack Obama? Apparently not $1 million.

An eBay auction for a gray 2005 Chrysler 300C leased by Obama before he became president closed late Wednesday with no bids meeting that minimum asking price, after which the listing agent hinted that $1 million might have been too much to expect.

Lisa Czibor, the eBay seller conducting the auction on the behalf of the car’s owner, Tim O’Boyle, said O’Boyle wants to relist the vehicle closer to this fall’s presidential election.

“We’re trying to talk him into rerunning it now and making some changes to (the listing),” Czibor said. “Lowering the price, and contacting Obama to find out if there’s a charity he’d like us to donate some of the profits to.

“In the end, it’s (O’Boyle’s) car. It’s up to him.”

The auction listing stated that Obama leased the vehicle late in his term as a state senator, in 2004, and during his time as a U.S. senator, from 2005 to 2007.

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