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New York OWSers Steal Home From Single Father Struggling To Keep It

January 15th, 2012 No comments

Truly, OWSers are smug, hypocritical, phony slugs. 

From The New York Post

They’re occupying his home.

Occupy Wall Street protesters announced with great fanfare last month that  they moved a homeless family into a “foreclosed” Brooklyn home — even though  they knew the house belonged to a struggling single father desperately trying to  renegotiate his mortgage, The Post has learned.

“They’re trying to take a house and say the bank is robbing the people  because the mortgage is too high — so contact the owner!” fumed Wise Ahadzi, 28,  who owns the home at 702 Vermont St. in East New York.

Occupiers “reclaimed” the row house on Dec. 6 and ceremoniously put out the  welcome mat for a homeless family.

But Bank of America, which has been in and out of foreclosure proceedings  against Ahadzi since 2009, confirmed to The Post that he is still the rightful  owner.

Meanwhile, the family that OWS claimed to be putting into the vacant house  has not yet permanently moved in. And it turns out the family is not a random  victim of the foreclosure crisis, but cast for the part, thanks to their  connection to the OWS movement.

OWS last week said it has spent $9,500 breaking into the house and setting it  up for the homeless Carrasquillo family. A photo of the smiling family covers a  window, under the slogan, “A place to call home.”

The head of the family, Alfredo Carrasquillo, 28, is an organizer for VOCAL- NY, a group that works with OWS. His Facebook page shows him in a “99 Percent” T-shirt at an OWS protest in November.

read the rest at New York Post


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German Police Suspect Hansel Story Was Hoax – Plus, Gretel Still Missing

October 9th, 2011 No comments


Hmmmm.  Remember the story of the teenaged boy “Ray” who claimed he had lived in a German forest, with his recently deceased father, for  five years?  I thought it sounded a tad ……. hmmm….. shall we say…. unbelievable.  I posted about  it here.

Well, the Germans must have read my post, because now they are saying they also believe the story to be untrue. 



From the Mail Online

Forest boy Ray has ‘never lived in the wild’: German police doubt story of teenager who said he’d spent years in the woods

The mysterious ‘Forest Boy’ who claimed to have spent years in woods has never lived in the wild, according to German police.

They now suspect the story of 17-year-old Ray’ after examination of his clothes and tent revealed no sign they had been used for very long in the open.

The English-speaking teenager, who refuses to have his picture taken to help find his family, appeared at Berlin City Hall early last month.

He said he had lived five years in the forest with his father Ryan after the death of his mother Doreen in a car accident.

He claimed that when his father died suddenly in August he buried him among trees, and then walked for two weeks to Berlin using a compass and map.

But police and social workers began suspecting two weeks ago that his story was bogus and his motives were suspect.

They cannot understand why the only personal details he has revealed are his birthday and first name. He has told investigators he has no memory of his past.

But doctors say he is in in perfect health with no signs of amnesia or mental problems.

Read more at the Mail Online