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Day of Impotent Rage Brings Many Laughs

September 18th, 2011 1 comment

Protecting you from the evils of modern finance.

This weekend, the usual bunch of ne’er-do-wells once again failed to teach the world to sing (probably because they smoke too much weed).  Apparently unable to take control of their own finances — and in search of some serious munchies — “hundreds” of smelly, inebriated social misfits decided they’d have a go at shutting down Wall Street.  Because, you know, if everyone can’t be wealthy, no one can.

One big problem, though.  As the NY Times reports, they planned their little anti-commercial offensive for Saturday, which no es bueno:

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Twelve Feet

September 1st, 2011 5 comments

Courtesy NBC Bay Area

Something is afoot in Vancouver.  NBC reports that a severed human foot has been discovered on the shore near British Columbia’s largest city.  But get this.  The most recent incident is not the sole discovery of a partitioned pedis in the waters of Vancouver.  Actually, it may be the twelfth such discovery in the last four years.

The authorities are itching to nail the perp — but the other shoe may never drop because these feet apparently fell off all by themselves.

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