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Axelrod’s Response To Biden’s Benghazi Security Claim http://themorningspew.com/2012/10/14/axelrods-response-to-bidens-benghazi-security-claim/ http://themorningspew.com/2012/10/14/axelrods-response-to-bidens-benghazi-security-claim/#comments Sun, 14 Oct 2012 21:48:23 +0000 http://themorningspew.com/?p=6512 Continue reading ]]> Obama senior advisor David Axelrod is questioned by FNS’s Chris Wallace about Vice President Joe Biden’s claim that “we” didn’t know about  the request for more security at the Benghazi Consulate.  Check out Axelrod’s body language at 0.55 seconds, as he attempts to blame the State Department.  I am not sure what the stuttering, eye closing and swallowing means, but I have an idea.


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Dick Cheney Encourages Hillary to Challenge Obama in 2012 http://themorningspew.com/2011/09/07/dick-cheney-encourages-hillary-to-challenge-obama-in-2012/ http://themorningspew.com/2011/09/07/dick-cheney-encourages-hillary-to-challenge-obama-in-2012/#respond Thu, 08 Sep 2011 02:49:25 +0000 http://themorningspew.com/?p=628 Continue reading ]]>

Okay, I called this a couple of days ago when I posted this.  I think people thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t.  I truly believe that it is quite possible that Hillary Clinton could easily challenge Obama in 2012.  I believe those who supported her then, would support her now.  Plus, many who supported Obama in 2008 would seriously consider giving her their support today.

Now ABC News reports this:

Dick Cheney to Hillary Clinton: Run!

LOS ANGELES — Hillary Clinton for president?

By Michael Falcone

“So far she hasn’t said she would, but I think it’s not a bad idea,” former Vice President Dick Cheney told ABC’s Jonathan Karl in an interview on Wednesday to promote his new book “In My  Time.”

Cheney declined to say whether he thought the current Secretary of State would have been a better president than Barack Obama, but called her a “pretty formidable individual.”

“I think she’s probably the most competent person they’ve got in their– in their cabinet.  And– frankly, I thought she was gonna win the nomination last time around,” Cheney said. “Maybe if– the Obama record is bad enough– and these days it’s not very good, given the shape of the economy maybe there will be enough ferment– in the Democratic Party so that there will be a primary on their side.”

read more at ABC News


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Dick Cheney Pokes P.U.M.A.s With A Sharp Stick http://themorningspew.com/2011/09/05/dick-cheney-pokes-p-u-m-a-s-with-a-sharp-stick/ http://themorningspew.com/2011/09/05/dick-cheney-pokes-p-u-m-a-s-with-a-sharp-stick/#comments Mon, 05 Sep 2011 14:00:35 +0000 http://themorningspew.com/?p=381 Continue reading ]]>

Dick Cheney seems to have a talent for stirring things up.  Remember the PUMAs?  The PUMAs were the Hillary Clinton supporters who felt that the Obama people “stole” the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination from Hillary Clinton.  PUMA stands for “Party Unity My Ass” and was intended to show Clinton supporters’ displeasure with the Democratic primary shenanigans. To this day, there still lingers a good bit of bitterness over that situation and with good reason.  I believe the PUMAs were correct.

Well, anyway, Vice President Cheney, implied during a recent interview that Hillary as President may have been a lot better than the one we have now.  Look for the Hillary 2012 bumper stickers – you just know they are going to be all over the place.

From Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t president, but Dick Cheney says that if she were in the White House rather than Barack Obama, then things might be different today in the country.

Cheney isn’t getting into specifics, but he does think that “perhaps she might have been easier for some of us who are critics of the president to work with.”

The former vice president tells “Fox News Sunday” that it’s his sense that the secretary of state is “one of the more competent members” of the Obama administration and it would be “interesting to speculate” about how she would have performed as president.

read the rest at Yahoo News


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