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The Real Kennedy Curse: They Just Can’t Stop Making News

February 27th, 2012 2 comments

Dear Readers,

Here we go again!  Yet, ANOTHER alleged Kennedy abuse of women.

According to a New York Daily News article (to read click here) Douglas Kennedy, the son of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, twisted the arm of one nurse and kicked another in the pelvic area when they tried to prevent him from leaving the hospital with his newborn child to take a walk.  The story says the nurses have retained a person injury attorney and have informed Kennedy’s attorney that they intend to sue.  Kennedy was charged with child endangerment by the police.

While he is the father of the child, why did he not get the proper approval to take the child out of the hospital?  Who the heck takes their newborn infant son out for a walk (on a New York  January day) before he has been discharged from the hospital?  This is one weird story.

Just a little aside here, but why is it that every Kennedy story always has a reference to “CAMELOT?”  I am almost as sick of that word as I am of the relentless Kennedy family news stories.




Surveillance video shows Douglas Kennedy carrying his newborn as nurse tries to stop him at hospital in Westchester County.

Photo  by NBC NEW YORK



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