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How Stupid Are Liberals?

March 23rd, 2012 6 comments

Apparently, this stupid:


 What’s your definition of “Hope?”

hat tip – Iowahawk

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The Anarchists Are Coming!!! The Anarchists Are Coming!!!

March 14th, 2012 No comments


Inciting Violence?


It’s been said that if you grant the local anarchy group  permission to hold a book fair in your town, they’ll cover your town in graffiti and attempt to cause, well,  anarchy.  You know what? That old adage must be true because that’s just what is happening in the small North Carolina towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

You might remember that back in November,  many members of the  Occupy Chapel Hill group (who were permitted to camp out without proper permits on the sidewalk in front of the Post Office because the Mayor believed in their cause) combined forces with the locally embraced  Carrboro anarchist group to break into and “occupy” an empty, privately owned building.  The Morning Spew posted about that story here.   There were eight people arrested by the local SWAT team and all were charged with misdemeanors.  The local, liberal  moral outrage that ensued, over the use of what they claimed was excessive force by the local SWAT team as they stormed  the sidewalk and building to arrest the anarchists was truly astonishing.  It was the stuff of great comedy.

Anyway, fast forward to today:  Carrboro We Have A Problem.  The small town of Carrboro has been inundated with anarchist graffiti of all sorts, on both public and private property, costing the tax payers and private property owners thousands of dollars for removal and/or replacement of the vandalized property.  According to the Carrboro Police Chief Carolyn Hutchinson, “Anarchists have claimed the area and are marking their territory.” 

The Anarchist's Skull - Note the "A" on the forehead.


Common sense would indicate that this type of graffiti is the precursor to the violence that anarchist groups promise us.  Even more reprehensible is when community leaders allow, embrace and defend  groups that openly declare their intent to cause violence and mayhem as a free speech issue.  This is irresponsible and morally repugnant.  Here’s one of their posters that advertises a local anarchist book fair:


Look! Their Poster Includes A Bomb & Some Sort Of Dripping Fluid!


From The Chapel Hill News:

Graffiti on the rise, Carrboro police chief says

By Mark Schultz

CARRBORO -  Police Chief Carolyn Hutchison is convinced the problem is getting worse. “It’s on buildings. It’s on signs. It’s on bike paths. It’s on private property. It’s on public property,” she says.

Nathan Milian rattles off the spots:

There’s the loading dock outside the DSI Comedy Theater, the transfer box behind Harris Teeter, the wall on the old Fleet Feet building facing the railroad tracks.

The property manager at Carr Mill Mall knows the spots because he spends a lot of money cleaning them up. Last year, he estimates, he spent $3,000 removing graffiti and glued-on fliers.

“It used to be once in a blue moon,” Milian said. “Now it’s almost weekly. … In many instances it requires repainting a whole wall.”

The Carrboro Police Department has received 14 graffiti complaints this year. Last year, from March through December, the town received 35 complaints.

The numbers don’t reflect all incidents because some property owners and tenants don’t report graffiti.

Police Chief Carolyn Hutchison is convinced the problem is getting worse.

“It’s on buildings. It’s on signs. It’s on bike paths. It’s on private property. It’s on public property,” she said.

“It’s everywhere.”


Hutchison blames anarchists for much of the graffiti increase.

”Anarchists have claimed the area and are marking their territory,” she told town officials in an email this month.

read more at The Chapel Hill News

HAT TIP – Miriam

Cattle and R/C Cars — A Metaphor

September 26th, 2011 2 comments


Two things you guys.  First, this video is very cute.  Second, watching these cattle follow the remote-control car reminds me of how the Left operates.  Except the cattle smell better and have a superior intellect.


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