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Hmmmm.  Remember the story of the teenaged boy “Ray” who claimed he had lived in a German forest, with his recently deceased father, for  five years?  I thought it sounded a tad ……. hmmm….. shall we say…. unbelievable.  I posted about  it here.

Well, the Germans must have read my post, because now they are saying they also believe the story to be untrue. 



From the Mail Online

Forest boy Ray has ‘never lived in the wild’: German police doubt story of teenager who said he’d spent years in the woods

The mysterious ‘Forest Boy’ who claimed to have spent years in woods has never lived in the wild, according to German police.

They now suspect the story of 17-year-old Ray’ after examination of his clothes and tent revealed no sign they had been used for very long in the open.

The English-speaking teenager, who refuses to have his picture taken to help find his family, appeared at Berlin City Hall early last month.

He said he had lived five years in the forest with his father Ryan after the death of his mother Doreen in a car accident.

He claimed that when his father died suddenly in August he buried him among trees, and then walked for two weeks to Berlin using a compass and map.

But police and social workers began suspecting two weeks ago that his story was bogus and his motives were suspect.

They cannot understand why the only personal details he has revealed are his birthday and first name. He has told investigators he has no memory of his past.

But doctors say he is in in perfect health with no signs of amnesia or mental problems.

Read more at the Mail Online



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Is Joe McGinniss’ Book, “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin” A Hoax? Fri, 23 Sep 2011 13:16:36 +0000


From Big

Explosive Email Shows Anti-Palin Author McGinniss, Random House Likely Published Literary Hoax (Updated)

by  Andrew Breitbart

The awful launch week for the over-hyped, expected bestseller The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, by controversial author Joe McGinniss, just got worse. Much worse.

After a week of universally scathing pans from the reflexively anti-Palin establishment media, McGinniss now faces the fight of his literary life: the accusation that he seems to have knowingly submitted a book to his publisher, Crown/Random House, that was filled with unproved “tawdry gossip” and rumors that lacked “factual evidence.”

In the email below, sent in January of 2011, McGinniss reveals that his manuscript, then under legal review at Crown/Random House, could not prove its most headline-grabbing allegations. And yet, many of these “salacious stories” that lacked “proof” (in McGinniss’s own words) ended up in the book, and on televisions everywhere during the author’s current media tour … without proper sourcing, and without any apparent new evidence to support them.

McGinniss’s panicked state is evidenced by the identity of the recipient to whom he sent his email of distress. Jesse Griffin was the author of an obscure, low-rent, and now-defunct anti-Palin blog that obsessed over Trig Palin’s maternity–claiming, without any evidence, that Sarah Palin was not Trig’s mother.

Was Random House aware that its prized author was making a desperate overtime bid to save face? And if so, why did it allow him to come forth with most of those tawdry accusations without proof or proper sourcing?

This would not be the first time McGinniss has found himself in trouble over accusations of unethical journalism. In 1987, McGinniss agreed to pay $325,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the convicted murderer who was the subject of McGinniss’s book Fatal Vision.  He has also admitted to having surreptitiously distributed a competitor’s manuscript about Palin that was handed to him by his own publisher. The leak allegedly damaged the commercial viability of that book.

In 2003, Random House released a larger-than-life, massive bestseller by James Frey entitled A Million Little Pieces. Later, it was revealed that the book was a fantastical literary hoax that made its way past some of the highest-paid and most respected editors and lawyers in the literary world. Doubleday/Random House felt compelled to offer full refunds to those who had bought the book.

Has history repeated itself?

Mr. McGinniss has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

Read the rest and the email at Big


Palin’s Left Base has been so helpful to her.  Check out this post.

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Charlie Rangel Nuttier Than We Thought Tue, 20 Sep 2011 01:19:52 +0000 From The Washington Post:

Rangel accidentally attends Rick Perry event

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) said on Monday he had no idea he was entering an event for Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) at a Harlem restaurant. (Sept. 19)(CBS News)


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Michelle Obama Lip Readers Wed, 14 Sep 2011 02:31:09 +0000

There’s something pretty despicable going on right now in much of the right-wing blogosphere. A video of Michelle Obama taken during the 9/11 memorial flag service is being propagated throughout the blogs. In the video, Mrs. Obama leans towards her husband and says something while an American flag is ceremoniously folded.  The video has no audible recording of what Mrs. Obama actually says to her husband, nor has anyone asked Mrs. Obama what she said during a private comment with her husband. However, that does not stop unfair and damaging speculation by many so-called conservative blogs and their readers. Suddenly it seems, everybody is a skilled lip reader or knows someone who reads lips for a living. Look at her smirk, look at the way she shakes her head, read her lips they cry – “She hates the flag. She hates America!”

The beauty for these haters is that they can claim she says whatever they wish her to say. Doesn’t matter if she said it, the damage gets done all the same. No one, other than her husband and she knows what she actually said, and as I far as I know, they haven’t told us, but that doesn’t stop these so-called “conservatives” from putting the words right in her mouth.

Not only that, but LipGate seems to have opened the door even wider for sexist and racist comments to flow right along with the unfair speculation. You think I exaggerate? Take a look around. The racism and sexism that Michelle Obama has been subjected to by some popular so-called conservative blogs is not hard to find and easily rivals the sexism to which Sarah Palin was subjected. In fact, even the normally top-notch American Thinker has posted the video in question with suggestions for the viewer to guess at what she is saying. I say disgusting and unfair.

These types of attacks do not help the conservative movement and can only hurt it. It is fair to castigate Michelle Obama for comments she actually made or policies she actually endorses, but to malign her for conservative wishful thinking reeks and I want no part of it. Don’t get me wrong, I could probably vote for almost anyone other than Obama in 2012, but I also believe in fairness and honesty. And honestly, this stinks.

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Gutsy Mr. Grayson Tue, 13 Sep 2011 15:47:31 +0000

Alan Grayson - A man with guts

Yes, that Mr. Grayson! Not content with having been booted out of Congress after only one term, Mr. Grayson wants his seat back.  I think his slogan is “a man with guts.”  Aren’t we all?

Anyway, Grayson had this in response to a few morons who yelled “let him die”  after Ron Paul was asked a question about a man without health insurance during last night’s CNN Tea Party debate (watch that video here in my earlier post).

The speech to which Grayson is referring in his latest spew is the speech that launched his political career right into the The Beltway Crapper. You can watch it here

From The Huffington Post by Alan Grayson:

My speech was about the fact I had been listening to the Republicans for months, and they literally had no plan to help all those millions of people who can’t see a doctor when they’re sick. So I said, in sort of a wry manner, that their plan was “don’t get sick.”  All I really wanted to do was just call attention to the stark absence of a Republican plan. But Fox, trying to take the heat off Joe Wilson and Sarah Palin I guess, transmogrified that into a charge that Republicans want to kill people.

What you saw tonight is something much more sinister than not having a healthcare plan. It’s sadism, pure and simple. It’s the same impulse that led people in the Coliseum to cheer when the lions ate the Christians. And that seems to be where we are heading — bread and circuses, without the bread. The world that Hobbes wrote about — “the war of all against all.”


Good grief, Al, get a grip.  I wonder if he is afraid of eclipses.

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Dick Cheney Encourages Hillary to Challenge Obama in 2012 Thu, 08 Sep 2011 02:49:25 +0000

Okay, I called this a couple of days ago when I posted this.  I think people thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t.  I truly believe that it is quite possible that Hillary Clinton could easily challenge Obama in 2012.  I believe those who supported her then, would support her now.  Plus, many who supported Obama in 2008 would seriously consider giving her their support today.

Now ABC News reports this:

Dick Cheney to Hillary Clinton: Run!

LOS ANGELES — Hillary Clinton for president?

By Michael Falcone

“So far she hasn’t said she would, but I think it’s not a bad idea,” former Vice President Dick Cheney told ABC’s Jonathan Karl in an interview on Wednesday to promote his new book “In My  Time.”

Cheney declined to say whether he thought the current Secretary of State would have been a better president than Barack Obama, but called her a “pretty formidable individual.”

“I think she’s probably the most competent person they’ve got in their– in their cabinet.  And– frankly, I thought she was gonna win the nomination last time around,” Cheney said. “Maybe if– the Obama record is bad enough– and these days it’s not very good, given the shape of the economy maybe there will be enough ferment– in the Democratic Party so that there will be a primary on their side.”

read more at ABC News


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Someone Needs to Get to the Bottom of This, Butt Quick Wed, 07 Sep 2011 18:19:02 +0000


NZ man jailed for ‘disgusting’ act in library

A NEW Zealand man who indecently assaulted a total stranger in a  library by pressing his face against her buttocks was jailed Monday for two  years and three months for his behavior.

Philip Broughton, 50, indecently assaulted the woman in the parenting section  of the public library in New Brighton, a suburb in the South Island city of  Christchurch, The Press reported.

Broughton, who has a long history of indecent behavior and drunk driving, had  denied the incident happened and claimed that he had been in the library  “looking for books of scientific interest,” but was found guilty of indecent  assault.

Judge Stephen Erber, who described the incident as “disgusting, bizarre, and  humiliating for the victim,” said she was looking for a book in the parenting  section when she felt something pressing on her bottom. She found Broughton on  his knees with his face pressed into her bottom.

read the more at


Scientific, my ass.

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The Date From Hell Wed, 07 Sep 2011 11:36:29 +0000

Adam Minton and Leah Gibbs spent the end of their date in handcuffs and in a police cell. Picture

And you thought bad breath was a turnoff?


Facebook date used me as a getaway driver, says Leah Gibbs

YOU know your date’s gone wrong when you end up as the getaway driver  in a robbery.

This is what happened to Leah Gibbs, 23, after she decided to hook up with a  man she met on Facebook.

She thought he was going to wine and dine her; he had other plans.

At the start of the date, Adam Minton, 21, asked Ms Gibbs to drive him to a  nearby betting shop (always a good sign) and she agreed to wait in the car  outside.

Minutes later he ran out of the Ladbrokes, in Rhondda, South Wales, with a knife in one hand and a bag  full of money in the other. Once in the car, he screamed: “Drive, drive,  drive.”

Minton ordered Ms Gibbs back to his house and then tried to bundle her  inside.

It was at that point that she decided the date was over. The police thought  so too and swooped on the house and arrested both of them.

Ms Gibbs spent the rest of her evening in a police cell. She was set free  only after Minton admitted he had acted alone.



No word on if Mr. Minton called for a second date.


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New Iranian “Crime Wave” – Water Gun Fights! Mon, 05 Sep 2011 17:53:01 +0000 Arrested for water gun fights!



TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran is trying to put down a new wave of civil disobedience — flash mobs of young people who break into boisterous fights with water guns in public parks. A group of water fighters was arrested over the weekend, and a top judiciary official warned Monday that “counter-revolutionaries” were behind them.

Police swooped in to arrest a number of people who had gathered on Friday in a Tehran park to hold a water fight, the acting commander of Iran’s police Gen. Ahmad Radan said, quoted in newspapers on Monday.

Radan said the group had been planning the water fight through the Internet and had “intended to break customs.” He vowed police would act to prevent future attempts and that participants on trial.

Throughout the summer, Iranian police have been cracking down. In the first incident, in July, hundreds of young men and women held a water fight in Tehran’s popular Water and Fire Park, spraying each other with water guns and splattering bottles of water on one another. Police detained dozens of those involved.

Since then, police have arrested dozens more involved in similar water fights in parks in major cities around the country.


Although this is bad news for the people of Iran, it may very well be good news for the world.  The harder the  Iranian government cracks down on their young people, the more likely those same people will be inspired to fight for freedom and political change.



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Young Chinese Girl Drives Car On Busy City Street Thu, 01 Sep 2011 17:53:17 +0000 This made me laugh.  I think it is because the kid is such a superb driver.

From NBC News

By Ed Flanagan

BEIJING – China has welcomed millions of eager new drivers onto its increasingly congested roads in the last few years.

None appear as young as this young whippersnapper.

Ever-popular China blog, Shanghaiist, pointed us toward this disturbing video of what appears to be a young girl around the age of 4 or 5 casually driving a small sedan down the streets of a Chinese city.

Even more surprising though is the fact that she is apparently accompanied by two adults – presumably her parents – who encourage her as she navigates early morning traffic (the clock at one point shows 7:00 a.m.).

“Drive safely,” says the woman holding the camera at the beginning of the clip to the young girl as she starts down the street, her head barely reaching over the wheel. Later, about 40 seconds in to the video clip, the young girl brightly notes that the “flowers are starting to bloom” as she passes a large SUV before a man in the back reminds her again to drive carefully and pay attention to the road.

Later about 1:05 into the clip, the bubbly girl actually makes a fairly deft pass around a car in front of them that is waiting at a stoplight to make a left turn.

The question of how this young girl’s legs were able to reach the gas and break pedals is answered at the end of the clip when the girl stops the car and a man comes around and appears to remove some sort of extension pedals from beneath the driver’s area.

read the rest at NBC News

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