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Occupy Atlanta: Let’s Occupy Interstate “One Percenter Lane”

November 9th, 2011 5 comments


Occupy I-85 Atlanta


These protesters are incredibly silly creatures.   The Occupy Atlanta protesters now find oppression and unfairness in Atlanta’s Peach Pass program which allows car pooling commuters to pay a fee to use a specially designated High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lane created to reduce traffic congestion and commute times.

What’s not clear is how the fools expect to “occupy” a major interstate.  If you have ever been through the interstate system in downtown Atlanta, you will understand me when I say occupying the HOT lane might be a tad dangerous.   Plus, there might actually be a few aggressive drivers who will see this as an opportunity.

Interestingly enough, the protesters are illegally squatting in a foreclosed house in Snellville, Georgia.  


Members of Occupy Atlanta and Occupy Gwinnett have found a new cause to turn their anger toward. It’s one that rings the bell for a lot of residents in the county too. The dreaded HOT lane.

The protestors who have taken over a foreclosed home in Snellville sat in a circle Tuesday night outside the home to discuss where they should go from here. Like any water cooler discussion in Gwinnett in the last month, the talk turned to the Peach Pass.

“What a perfect issue for the Occupation movement,” said one protestor.

Occupy Atlanta leader Tim Franzen jumped right on board.

“Peach Pass is like a one percent pass right? It’s like you pay to get a lane,” said Franzen. “We are going to have an action against this one percenter lane.”

Members of Move On Gwinnett were also at the “circle discussion” Tuesday night. But not everyone is on board with the Occupy movement stepping in the HOT lane mess.

“It’s not something we are committing to today,” one woman told Channel 2 Action News. “There are other people working on that.

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