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OWSers Arrested Outside of Bachmann Office

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Is Starbucks Cup Giving A Wink & A Nod To Occupy Movement?

The 2011 Starbucks Christmas Cup   It sure looks like it because this  just seems too coincidental.  The Guy Fawkes look-a-like cups and the comments below from their CEO seem to indicate support for the OWS thugs.  No more Starbucks for me.  Dang!  I just … Continue reading

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Occupy Oakland Protester Head Cracked By His Own Violent Morons

This story comes from Jim Hoft via The Gateway Pundit:  Confirmed: Scott Olsen’s Injuries Were Not Caused By Sheriff’s Deputies – The #Occupy Goons Lied Confirmed: Leftist hero, Jew-basher and founder of “I Hate the Marines.com” website Scott Olsen was … Continue reading

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More News from OWS

  Another OWS story that further illustrates the contempt these protesters have shown and continue to harbor regarding other peoples rights.  When will elected city officials get some balls, find their sanity, and stop this lunacy from continuing any longer at taxpayer … Continue reading

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Won’t You Please Consider Sponsoring A Protester, Today?

Save the Protesters – Changing Lives Since Last Thursday   Save the Protesters is a new progressive charity begun for the express purpose of providing financial, emotional and educational support to Occupy Wall Street Protesters as they endeavor to fundamentally … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Crapping On People’s Doorsteps

  I wonder what is going to take to the city of New York to get control of this.  Who are they protecting?   From The New York Post Infuriated lower Manhattan residents went ballistic on Zuccotti Park  protesters at a … Continue reading

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Absolutely Hilarious! Halloween Comes Early To Occupy Wall Street – Mao Man & Rainbow Bright

  Oh, dear.  Such ignorance.  This is: a.   frightening b.  hilarious c.  spew inducing d.  all of the above The correct answer is (d) all of the above.  

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Tea Party Guys Meet Up With Wall Street Protester Dirtbags!

  From Accuracy In The Media.  This mightily pleases the Spew Crew.  Enjoy!  

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Ben & Jerry’s Offers First Corporate Backing of Occupy Wall Street!

    I hope they will give out free ice cream.   From the Daily Mail.co.uk Ben & Jerry’s lends its backing to Occupy Wall Street protesters and calls for a ‘systematic change’ Ice-cream firm known for standing up for … Continue reading

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Wall Street Protester Shouts He Wants To Break Geraldo’s Hands As Crowd Cheers!

  These people are morons. Especially the guy at the end. Democracy is shouting people down and threatening them? Sure, scumbag. 1:03 is the money quote – “break his hands!”         <>      

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