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The Governorship That Partially Disappeared

December 6th, 2011 No comments

It is beyond belief that this guy is still at the near top of the list.  When are Conservatives, Republicans and Independents going to wake up and smell the stink of this guy?


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From: Yahoo

How Mitt Romney Tried to Erase the Evidence of His Governorship

By: Dashiell Bennett | The Atlantic Wire

Shortly before leaving the governor's office in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney's administration spent nearly $100,000 of state money to purge computer and email records in an unprecedented attempt to wipe out the paper trail of his tenure. His staff took home hard drives from state-owned computers and erased emails and other communications from state servers, complicating current efforts to retrieve and review the records of Romney's four-year term that ended in 2007.

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It appears that many people agree…

November 25th, 2011 No comments

… that Romney is still not trustworthy.    Over a month ago, Supraman posted an article (click here) questioning if he could be trusted.  Still having fears, many GOP voters  are convinced that Romney will always flip – flop on the conservative  issues the voters hold dear.   

Check out the article at LA Times


Photo:  (Paul Sancya, Associated Press / November 9, 2011)

As other Republican candidates have stumbled their way toward the presidential primaries, Mitt Romney has put together what would seem to be all the elements of a winning campaign: an effective staff, a robust treasury and smooth, knowledgeable performances both in debates and on the trail.

But for months, the threshold of support for the former Massachusetts governor hasn’t inched above a quarter of Republican voters in national polls. For many GOP voters in early primary states, hesitation about Romney comes back to one thing: their perception that he has routinely molded his views to suit the political mood, with ambition his overriding principle.

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Could this (person) be America’s next Health Care Problem?

October 11th, 2011 No comments


Regardless of his new-found opposition to his crowning achievement as former governor of Massachusetts,  Supraman believes that voting for this former governor is just a repeat of voting for o’bummer.  Can this man be trusted?





Romney’s Advisers Met With Obama to Help Craft ‘Obamacare’

Three of Mitt Romney’s advisers went to the White House at least a dozen times in 2009 to consult on the former Massachusetts governor’s health care plan that President Obama used as a model for his initiative –


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