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Mission Accomplished, Mr. Eastwood

August 31st, 2012 4 comments

While the  Main Stream Media  bashes actor Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC, Romney supporters are celebrating.  What Mr. Eastwood did was simply amazing and, in my opinion, somewhat unexpected.  I had been expecting a typical “Mitt is a great guy kinda speech,” and to be honest, we did get some of that, but we also got a whole lot more. 

In less than fifteen minutes, Eastwood  managed to entertainingly address many of the major failings of the Obama administration.  That alone was impressive, but more importantly was the way Clint, using a hilarious delivery combined with deadpan serious criticisms of the Obama administration, manages to address those whom I like to call the ”prodigal voters.”  Prodigal voters are  those voters who were enticed by Obama’s promises of “hope and change” and “yes, we can,” and other absurdities.  Prodigal voters are not necessarily traditional swing voters who tend to vote on issues and facts, but rather those 2008 Obama  who voted based upon their heartfelt emotions.  Eastwood understands this, he masterfully seeks them out and beckons them back to the Republican fold, no matter what their party affiliation.  He  directly interacts with them in a playful, personal way and squarely hits his mark with his oratorical fatted calf – no hard feelings,  we’re just happy to have you back.

What is most humorous is that by presenting in a seemingly unscripted manner, Eastwood masterfully uses his craft to interact with all voters in a playful, personal way.  His performance caught the liberal main stream media off guard because they didn’t understand the intent of his speech, and so in their haste to destroy all things Romney, they’ve dutifully trashed Eastwood’s appearance.  What the liberal pundits do not realize (yet) is that by trashing Mr. Eastwood’s speech, they have simply helped to bring more attention to Eastwood’s message: Obama must go.

Well-played, Mr. Eastwood, well-played, indeed.

Watch below:



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