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James Carville Likens Tea Party To Kudzu

September 30th, 2011 4 comments


Talk about invasive species.


Just received this fund-raising letter from James Carville in which he likens the Tea Party folk to the wild, out of control, invasive vine species, Kudzu.   James  would like to stick it to the Tea Party Republicans. lol.  Here ya go:


Dear friend,

Thought experiment: Picture Washington under total Tea Party control.

Mitch McConnell will privatize Social Security. Jim DeMint will end Medicare. And kiss the EPA goodbye since Tea Partiers think clean water tramples on their constitutional right to be poisoned. The Tea Party’s like kudzu – you give ’em an inch, they take MILES.

They get their crazy ideas through the House, and the Senate stops ’em. Thing is, they flip four seats, and their ideas will fly right on through. Our little thought experiment becomes an ugly-as-sin reality.

What you chose to do in the next 12 hours will determine who controls the Senate – Tea Party Republicans, or the rest of us. The DSCC’s still $75,000 short of its September goal. Your immediate gift – which will be matched – could put Democrats over the top. Don’t give, and the Tea Party just got tougher to beat. Your choice, folks.

Click here to give $5 or more to the DSCC. Every dollar will be matched, making your $5 gift equal $10. There’s $75,000 left to raise by midnight. Don’t let reality become a Tea Party nightmare!

We saw what Tea Party control looks like this week when Republicans held disaster relief hostage and demanded job-creation programs as a ransom. They came THIS CLOSE to shutting down the government. AGAIN.

Luckily, the Senate nipped that in the bud. Crisis averted. But if the Republicans pick up just four seats next November, the Tea Party wrecking crew will rule the Senate. And if that doesn’t scare you enough, think about this: That’s fewer seats than they gained last cycle.

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