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Truly, OWSers are smug, hypocritical, phony slugs. 

From The New York Post

They’re occupying his home.

Occupy Wall Street protesters announced with great fanfare last month that  they moved a homeless family into a “foreclosed” Brooklyn home — even though  they knew the house belonged to a struggling single father desperately trying to  renegotiate his mortgage, The Post has learned.

“They’re trying to take a house and say the bank is robbing the people  because the mortgage is too high — so contact the owner!” fumed Wise Ahadzi, 28,  who owns the home at 702 Vermont St. in East New York.

Occupiers “reclaimed” the row house on Dec. 6 and ceremoniously put out the  welcome mat for a homeless family.

But Bank of America, which has been in and out of foreclosure proceedings  against Ahadzi since 2009, confirmed to The Post that he is still the rightful  owner.

Meanwhile, the family that OWS claimed to be putting into the vacant house  has not yet permanently moved in. And it turns out the family is not a random  victim of the foreclosure crisis, but cast for the part, thanks to their  connection to the OWS movement.

OWS last week said it has spent $9,500 breaking into the house and setting it  up for the homeless Carrasquillo family. A photo of the smiling family covers a  window, under the slogan, “A place to call home.”

The head of the family, Alfredo Carrasquillo, 28, is an organizer for VOCAL- NY, a group that works with OWS. His Facebook page shows him in a “99 Percent” T-shirt at an OWS protest in November.

read the rest at New York Post


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Why I Can’t Stand OWSers! Fri, 18 Nov 2011 15:17:31 +0000  

OWSers think they own us and the world.   The two Wall Street guys are great!  

From the New York Post


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Jackie Mason’s Take On Occupy Wall Street & Herman Cain Mon, 07 Nov 2011 13:36:48 +0000  

Exhibit A


Once again, Jackie Mason hits the nail on the head!  It’s specially good when he compares the Tea Party folks to the Occupy cranks.  It’s kinda long, but worth the listen.

Check out his November 4, 2011 interview on the Rick Amato Show.


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#OccupyYourPrivates With A “Crusty Stranger” Wed, 02 Nov 2011 01:56:44 +0000
Ewww! Liberal Stocking Stuffers!

Two things.  1) This is plain nasty and  2) Why are the protesters using healthcare resources meant for low-income people?

From The New York Post

It’s the Autumn of Love!

Occupy Wall Street protesters are flocking to nearby health clinics for STD  and HIV testing after getting their freak on in ’60s-style hookups with crusty  strangers, sources told The Post yesterday.

“Last week was free love,” said a medical professional at a clinic located a  short walk from Zuccotti Park, referring to the number of people who organizers  have referred for sexually transmitted disease testing.

A volunteer at the park admitted concern among protesters about STDs.

“We give directions to clinics if people ask for information regarding STDs,” said the volunteer, who identified himself only as “Captain” and added that  pregnancy tests are also a hot item.

“Like anything else, it happens. People ask, and we do the best we can for  them.”

Volunteers at the medical tent hand out cash, usually $15 or $20, so the  randy radicals can visit clinics that cater to a low-income clientele, the  source said.

Experts said it’s the right thing to do.

“My advice for the protesters would be to practice safer sex. It’s a lot  cheaper to buy a condom than get treated for an STD,” said Dr. Lisa Oldson,  medical director of Chicago-based Analyte Health, which provides testing  services for labs nationwide, including STD Test Express New York.

Read more at the New York Post

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Won’t You Please Consider Sponsoring A Protester, Today? Tue, 25 Oct 2011 06:19:56 +0000

Save the Protesters – Changing Lives Since Last Thursday


Save the Protesters is a new progressive charity begun for the express purpose of providing financial, emotional and educational support to Occupy Wall Street Protesters as they endeavor to fundamentally change America and the world through coordinated occupations of city parks and plazas.  For less than the price of a daily latte, you can provide a nurturing environment for  Occupy protesters where ever they may be.  An environment brimming with support, love and attention allows the protesters the freedom to continue their work on behalf of 99% of the global community.


Ms. Sally Soros, Celebrity Spokesperson For Save the Protesters, International


When protests strike throughout the country and around the world, Save the Protesters is there, bringing support  in the form of nourishing vegan meals, fresh cardboard boxes and tarps, much-needed STD and drug testing, and quality condoms and sanitary wipes.

So that protesters may continue their studies, our efforts also ensure that vital educational opportunities such as bongo and rhythmic dance lessons,  consensus hand signals, including twinkle variations, point of process, wind it up and more, are available without cost or obligation to recipients.

And you can rest assured that Save the Protesters does not permit any religious or moralistic bias to  influence our process.  Won’t you please take a moment to read the heartfelt, personal stories of a few of the Occupy Protesters below and see if you are not touched by their strength and desire to destroy capitalism?

Upon receiving your pledge, a Save the Protesters  introductory packet will be sent to you so that you may get to know “your” special protester.  Each OWS protester you choose to support will communicate with you via text messages, emails, skype twinkles, and tweets, so that you may track his or her progress and personally witness the fruits of your financial support.

* We ask that you do not contact your sponsored protester personally as he or she may be unstable.  Please remember that all correspondence be coordinated through Save the Protesters.


"B", a spunky protester, adorably full of piss and vinegar, has somewhat taken on the role of mother pit bull during the OWS protest. Her natural protective and territorial qualities have led many of the younger, less experienced protesters to seek comfort and guidance under her wing. Soon "B" will require new glasses and a dental cleaning, and without your support, she most likely will go without either.


“P” is an intelligent little fellow with big dreams. During his protest breaks, you will find him scanning for  pictures in whatever  newspaper scraps he can find. “P’s” dream is to undergo concensus and hand signal training so that he may one day meet the requirements to become an Occupy Protest leader. Books and educational opportunities can happen for protesters like “P” but only IF you dare to care. (many thanks to Urban Infidel for bringing “P” to our attention)


"T" is a delightful fellow who shows great leadership in the movement. OWS organizers anticipate big things coming from "T" and feel that with his can-do attitude, he could one day take a seat upon the OWS General Assembly. Your donation can help "T" make something good come from within.

As you can see, "R" is very hungry. He opens his mouth and begs for any vegan morsels that might be tossed his way. You can help "R" regain his dignity with just a small token of support in the way of a monthly cash donation. "R" is a natural leader in the OWS drum circle and wishes one day to teach Drum Circle to qualified university freshmen. Won't you please help make his dreams come true?


Twins, "A" and "B" share more than genetics, they share a passion for wealth redistribution! Because of a cardboard shortage, they have been forced to share a box meant for one. Even though their lack of material goods has not quenched their thirst for justice, two new cardboard boxes would make all the difference in their lives. Will you help?

As you can see, "K" has had some trouble walking and cannot move from point A to point B without special assistance. OWS Medical Services Collective explains that "K" will need intensive hot yoga and herb rehabilitation, as well as a new pair of yoga slippers, if he is ever to walk again. Will you choose to help "K" walk again on his own with your sponsorship or will you turn away?

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Occupy Wall Street Website Of Tears Becoming More Hilarious Sat, 22 Oct 2011 01:38:18 +0000  The stories are getting more ridiculous and pathetic.  Just a little attempt personal responsibility would be nice.  If you crave more of these tales of woe, check out our other post here

Five kids? Five kids?? No shoes??? Is this what they mean by "barefoot and pregnant?"What about baby-daddies? Oh yeah, and how'd you afford that Sharpie, computer and camera?


In all honesty, you are probably still better off than you were in whatever rat hole country from whence you came, no?


So please explain to me HOW exactly that is my problem?


OT - How much them tats set you back? You know, those big ones hiding behind your hair.


From the looks of that well stocked bar behind you, I'd say you are doing pretty damn good.




Whippersnapper, get off the computer and do your homework.


You know, that's exactly what we thought!

Of all the stories, this one breaks my heart........ from laughing so hard.

I would have thought there was big demand for vegan chefs, but until you get a job, I'd go for the ferrets.

Yes, couch surfing is a terrible affliction.

Did you really just post that on the internet?

I thought bartender WAS the career path for Womyn's studies.


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Alec Baldwin OWS Video Gives Us a Dose of OWS “Double Huh?” Wed, 19 Oct 2011 17:51:19 +0000  

Alec Baldwin posted this video of his “too brief two hours at OWS”  foray into the bowels of the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zucotti park in New York last evening.  I am not sure if he stopped by Starbucks first, though.  I hope not.

I watched it and I can not figure it out.  He appears to be at #OWS in support of the protesters, yet if you listen to what he says, it’s pretty much opposite of  what most of the protesters have been shrieking.  Plus, I don’t know if he even knows what he said.

But the most important bit of information to be gleaned from this video is that, as he admits, he doesn’t appear to know too much about anything.

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Please Pass The Drugs Thu, 13 Oct 2011 12:28:54 +0000  

Show this to your kids to help keep them drug free.   Language warning, so turn down the volume. 

More Occupy Wall Street Video From Fullon Tard at



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Occupy Wall Street Celebrities & Their Obscene Profits Wed, 12 Oct 2011 13:24:26 +0000  

This morning, Noel Sheppard from Newsbusters, gives us something delicious to spew about:  Liberal celebrities and their hypocrisy – a natural phenomena.


Look. I eat apple. Just like you.



Top Ten Richest Celebrities Supporting Wall Street  Protests

By Noel Sheppard | October 12, 2011 |  08:52

On Tuesday, NewsBusters told  you about some of the wealthy television news anchors hypocritically  supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement.

As an interesting follow-up, Brian Warner of Celebrity Net Worth has  published a list  of the top ten richest celebrities that have as of now officially backed the  protesters:

#1 Yoko  Ono Net Worth – $500 million.

Ono stated “I love ‘Occupy Wall Street’! John is sending  his smile to ‘Occupy Wall Street’. I am sending my love to ‘Occupy Wall Street’. We are all working together. ”

#2 Russell  Simmons Net Worth – $325 million

Keep in mind that on top of being a hip-hop mogul Simmons  is the founder of a high fee credit card company called UniRush Financial  Services.

#3 Roseanne  Barr Net Worth – $80 million

Roseanne thinks anyone with over $100 million should be  beheaded. Interesting that her net worth is $80 million. I guess she doesn’t make “the cut”.

#4 Deepak  Chopra Net Worth – $80 million

Chopra said #OWS is turning anger into awareness. The  fortune he has made off his fluff filled books has just turned me to anger.

#5 Kanye  West Net Worth – $70 million

#6 Alec  Baldwin Net Worth – $65 million


Go to to read the rest of the list!

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Absolutely Hilarious! Halloween Comes Early To Occupy Wall Street – Mao Man & Rainbow Bright Tue, 11 Oct 2011 21:49:10 +0000  

Oh, dear.  Such ignorance.  This is:

a.   frightening

b.  hilarious

c.  spew inducing

d.  all of the above

The correct answer is (d) all of the above.


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